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Boundless Awakening: The Heart of Buddhist Meditation Boundless Awakening Is A Pocket Sized Book On Meditation The Book Is Excellent For People Interested In Meditation, Both Beginners And Advanced A Primary Benefit Experienced By The Practitioner Of Meditation Is The Immediate Improvement In The Conditions Of Daily Life The Practice Of Meditation Leads To A Mind That Is Peaceful, Tranquil And At Ease Because The Mind Is Relaxed, Events That Usually Disturb Us Seem To Take On Less Importance, And We Stop Taking Them In Such A Serious Way Likewise, Through Meditation The Mind Gradually Learns To Be Independent Of External Conditions And Circumstances This Mind That Is Unaffected By Outer Conditions Is Then Able To Discover Its Own Stability And Tranquility A Stable Mind, One That Is Not Disturbed, Leads To The Experience Of Less Suffering In Our Lives

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    Great guide for those who are beginners in the practice of meditation It provides explanation on the sitting position, how to deal with distractions when practicing, calm abiding meditation, insight meditation, and useful tips on keeping a healthy mind.

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    I find this to be the perfect pocket edition meditation guide Easy to carry, great gift, wonderful reference, easy yet profound guide for day to day compliment to meditation practice Buy several and you will always have a ready, meaningful gift on hand.

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