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High on Her Adult Content Warning The Following Short Story Contains Graphic Sexual Content And Profanity This Content May Not Be Viewed By People Under , And May Be Offensive To Other People Who Don T Like Being Horny James Kirk Is Your Average Joe Perhaps Slightly Less Than Average Great Looking, Sure, But He Hides It Under Stuffy Shirts And Striped Ties A Slave To His Job As An Insurance Salesman, He Has Stopped To Wash The Company Nissan At The Request Of His Boss Where He Meets Missy Raven, The Divine Creature And Girl Of His Dreams Join Them On Their Adventure Of Animal Magnetism, Steamy Sexual Chemistry, And Throwing Caution To The Wind

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    There is nothing like a spur of the moment romp to relive stress Omg Okay this was excellent fast pace read that I couldn t put down First this James is having the worst day ever Then at of the blue he spots the beautiful Missy, who turns out to be a sexy little vixen Suddenly he finds himself racing towards the point of no return, as he casts all caution to the wind All I can tell you get yourself a cold drink Yeah that hot A sexy read that will make your engine purr.

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    18 readWhen work stresses James out, what better way to relax than to take a ride with Missy, and what an exciting ride it will be This is a hot, short, sexy read that will get your juices flowing.

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    James just got a call from his boss to clean up the company car and get to the office ASAP The big boss wants a word with him While he is washing the car a woman better than anything he ever dreamed pulls in beside him It is lust at first sight and James jumps at the chance to turn his day from hell into a great time The whole day is spent in hot sex and excitement What a twist at the end KUDOS

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    The chemistry between the main characters are so smoking hot and intense What I love about this story is the M Jet pulls you right into the story and gives you such wonderful depictions, you are right there in the story with Jimmy and Missy I will recommend this to anyone wanting to read an amazingly hot read

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    This was an enjoyable read from the very first word It moved along at a great pace, had interesting characters and a story that kept me interested.I look forward to readingin the future from this creative author.

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