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[Reading] ➺ Lombre de lépée  ➰ Josh Lanyon – Capitalsoftworks.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 254 pages
  • Lombre de lépée
  • Josh Lanyon
  • French
  • 05 April 2017

Lombre de lépée Fatigu De Son Travail De Bureau La Librairie Imp Riale Des Arcanes, Le Chasseur De Livres Colin Bliss Accepte De Mener L Enqu Te Afin De Trouver L Ombre De L Ep E, Un Grimoire De Sorcellerie L Gendaire Et Redoutable Mais Pour Le Trouver, Colin Doit Se Rendre Jusqu Aux Lointaines Les Occidentales Et R Soudre Un Meurtre Remontant De Nombreux Si Cles.Cela Ne Devrait Tre Rien De Plus Qu Un Exercice Acad Mique, Alors Pourquoi Le Glacial Mais D Raisonnablement Sexy Magister Septimus Marx Fait Il Tout Pour L Emp Cher D Accepter Cette Mission Allant Jusqu Le S Duire Durant Leur Voyage En Train Vers Le Nord Septimus N Est Pas Le Seul Probl Me Qui Est Cette Trange F E Qui Ne Fait Qu Appara Tre Aux Moments Les Moins Commodes Et Qui Travaille Dans L Ombre Avec La Sinistre Aventuri Re Irania Briggs Et Pourquoi Les Employeurs De Colin, Au Mus E De L Occulte Litt Raire, Ne Cessent De L Accuser De Les Avoir Trahis Alors Que Colin Creuse De Plus En Plus Dans Le Pass Myst Rieux De L Le Longue, Il Commence Comprendre Pourquoi Septimus Est D Termin Le Stopper Tout Prix Mais C Est D J Trop Tard Pour Reculer.

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    Thanks for this amazing buddy read, Adam I don t have enough words to express my feelings for this story It s pure fantasy It is EXACTLY why I love fantasy so much.And of course, Josh Lanyon skillfully combines the love for rare and beautiful books that most of us share, right with m m romance in this gorgeous fantasy setting.The story revolves around Colin, who is a librivenator, meaning he tracks down rare books, usually occult tomes and grimoires He was raised in the Americas, but is currently in London as an exchange student trying to learn the skills of the librivenators of the Old Country However, bored out of his mind with the desk job he s given, he accepts a private assignment to find a long lost grimoire the importance of which only slowly dawns on Colin and also attracts the attention of the Vox Pessimires, a group of specialized librivenators who track down and destroy grimoires deemed too dangerous to exist.Colin isn t aware of the danger he s in until he reaches the climax of his journey and ultimately the end of the world as we know it.I loved the Gaelic mythology in this It was so well used and gave the whole story a real Lovecraftean feel Sure, a story like this deserves to be treated as an epos It shouldn t be thrown out there as a novella, for heaven s ...

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    Written January 2, 20153.1 Stars Mysterious myths and an interesting adventure part but too little snuggle factor for meA Josh Lanyon fantasy mystery tale 5 30 hrs narrated by Max Miller new for me A little disappointed to be honest..Hardly a romance but a pretty interesting mystery Although very different with a strange feeling over it Both the story itself and this slow and quite odd narration Melancholy and very quietly in the expression, but still enjoying to listening to I m not sure if I liked this story, or the narration, or not yet Colin Bliss a 23 years old book hunter, and American, works for a time at the Imperial Arcane Library in London After a badly ended embarrassing and quite painful short lovestory with a new colleague is he asked, and accepts, a private commission to find The Sword s Shadow, a legendary and dangerous witches grimoire A mythic and very dangerous old book Soon enough is it necessary to travel with train and ferry to Western Isles and solve a centuries old murder Then appears another fellow, Septimus Marx a tall, dark man with a strong attraction The Darkling Thrush is in no way a bad or boring mystery book Quite the opposite, it has a good a well thought out, interesting sad very old myth legend to be solved here And partly also gets resolved I liked this part of the book, although it was many difficult names, complicated old myths etc., to grasp when listen i...

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    This is a fun historical fantasy, with a AE twist The main characters were very reminiscent of Adrien and Jake, but they had their own faults and quirks that made them unique The fantasy elements were well paced and spread out, introduced just perfectly to slowly draw you into this world The castle and all the locations were elegant...

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    I always enjoy a character who sticks his nose where it probably doesn t belong and gets into all sorts of trouble Colin Briggs accepts a job to find an ancient and dangerous grimoire, The Swords Shadow Pretty soon into his search he realizes that he s in way over his head and that he s not the only one on the search.This was definitely a paranormal book with some fae and magic, but there wasn t much world building We saw each experience through Colin s POV and that was all we got of this world No background and not much explanation But I didn t feel as though I was missing anything, there was just enough to keep me intrigued without getting bogged down by all the details.I always love Lanyon s characters Of course, we have the loveable, underestimated guy who is too curious and ambitious for his own good, Colin And yeah, ...

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    Audio Book 3.5 Stars OK Narrator Max Millar was amazing, I loved his seductive tones

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    What if there was magic in our world today What if it was as normal to be a witch, or clearsighted, as it is for us to be good at sports or a musician This is what Josh Lanyoon must have thought when he created an AU world with telephones, aircraft, and automobiles where the Americas are officially still called The colonies , where people spend their lives transcripting books by hand or hunting famous lost grimoires, where there is a secret police in charge of suppressing or destroying books that are too dangerous to come to the world of man, where the mechanical printing press was invented by a Scotsman in 1414, where a goblin can be a well known doctor and where members of the Seelie Court with blue skin and red eyes walk the streets in daylight This is the world of Colin Bliss, a book hunter on an exchange program from Boston, currently living in London and working for a government agency which control and collect magical books and magic in general, or Magick, as it is called here Recovering from the breakup between him and his superior, Anthony, Colin feels neutralized riding a desk instead of working as a book hunter as he used to He gets to hear he s too young, too inexperienced and, in addition to that, bei...

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    I have trouble explaining this bookI was fantasy for surebut I also got a very steampunk feeling from it It was enjoyable and entertaining and beautifully writtenHow does Josh Lanyon do it I don t know, I m just happy as hell he can.In this world Colin Bliss is a book hunter from Boston librivenator of Magick books who is working in the London Bureau He is young but well known for discovering a very obscure grimoire book of Old Magick Out the blue he is hired on the sly to hunt for the Sword s Shadow a mythical book that is said to be the most powerful grimoire There is a lot of legend around this book and most of it having to do with people related to it ending up dead He takes the job, partly to get away from his office where he is having to face his boss, with whom he just ended an affair.Once in the hunt he realizes he maybe way ...

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    The book geek in me loved the premise of an outsider librarian going off the range after making a colossally bad workplace decision Colin Bliss, young, talented and naive makes a whopper of bad judgment call and then realizes he has to live with it for a year A very long year Until an opportunity presents itself and he decides to engage in some unsanctioned activities since, wellsince he s been sidelined Septimus Marx, the scowling presence that always unsettles Bliss is the proverbial bad penny that keeps turning up But, his sanctimonious airs have to do with than just the superiority of position and skill Bliss finds this out during his journey I liked the adventure treasure seeking plot for a lost book A mythic book that all reputable sources deny exists The thought and development of the legend and the gaelic used throughout gave a very tangible feel to the story and if there s something I really enjoy, it is being subsumed by a story The ...

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    3.25 starsPositive Wow for the fantasy thing I must say the the description is quite good It is intriguing the quest to find the lost legendary grimoire in the remote Western Isles It s like I m watching Merlin Negative I don t know, I feel like there is a d...

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    What an intriguing story I love the blend of magic and treasure hunting, and the whole thing comes off with an old timey feeling So enjoyable.Also, 5 stars to Max Miller He s always wonderful, but his Scottish accents were flawless and incredibly creative Definitely go with the audioboo...

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