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[Ebook] Louie & Lillys Nap Time  By David Scott – Capitalsoftworks.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 40 pages
  • Louie & Lillys Nap Time
  • David Scott
  • English
  • 21 October 2019

Louie & Lillys Nap Time Adorable Yorkie Puppies Louie And Lilly Are Very Sleepy After Playing All Morning, So They Set Out On A Quest To Find The Best Places To Nap With Sweet Illustrations And A Fun, Alternating Rhyme Scheme, This Is A Perfect Children S Book To Read Aloud For Naptime, Bedtime Or Any Time.After Eating Breakfast,and Playing In The Sun,chasing Balls And Bunnies,just Having So Much Fun.Louie And Lilly Leapt Off Their Lush Lawn,headed For Shelter,and Started To Yawn.With Soft Sleepy Eyes,some Barking And Yaps,they Stretched Out Their Paws,all Ready For Naps.

About the Author: David Scott

Librarian s note there is than one author of this name.

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    I won a free copy of this book from LibraryThing An honest review was requested Louie Lilly s Nap Time is a delightful tale of two litter mate puppies who spend the day at home alone, while their caretaker is at work The story follows them as they wander through the house, taking naps in various places, alternating between trying to find each other, and trying to get away from each other Each puppy has at least one favorite toy they take wherever they wander I smiled the whole time I was reading this, because I know how accurately the author portrayed my own puppies over the years, right up to my current rescue dog And the best part When their person returns home after a day at work, the puppies are waiting at the door for her to play with them After a hard day of napping and playing, the puppies hop into bed with their human...

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    Book Description Adorable yorkie puppies Louie and Lilly are very sleepy after playing all morning, so they set out on a quest to find the best places to nap With sweet illustrations and a fun, alternating rhyme scheme, this is a perfect children s book to read aloud for naptime, bedtime or any time Parents will appreciate the alternating rhyming pattern while young ones will absolutely adore the illustrations The storyline describes a typical day in a poochie s life by showing little ones what some dogs do at home when their owners aren t around during the day Any dog owning child can relate to any of the many things Louie and Lilly do Louie Lilly s Nap Time is an excellent choice for not only for bedtime naptime, but also for any dog lover for read aloud to preschoolers or kindergartners A great read for a first or second graders to read on their own The author s choice of great descriptional verbiage is also ...

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    I received a free copy of this book from the author I have two little girls that love dogs and I thought that they would love this book.This is a sweet little book about 2 little dogs Louie and Lilly are worn out and ready for a nap They go all over the house looking for the perfect spot to take their nap.The words and illustrations for this book were perfect My girls loved the rhymes and how cute the dogs were They had me read it to them almost 10 times the first day we had it becuase they loved it so much Since then we have read it multiple times each day.I was amazed at how nice the author was After I entered to win this book on Goodreads and did not win, the author sent a message to let us know about the Kindle version that was available for free I messaged him back and said that we did not have a Kindle but I would look for it at the store He was nice eno...

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    The pictures were nice, and soft My niece thought that the appropriate things looked squishy, and she liked the colors She also liked the words and thought they sounded nice, and liked the end and was fascinated with the little ramp up to the bed When asked how many stars for it, she said 20.I have one critique really a couple of places the transitions were a little abrupt for me Particularly in between one of the puppies going down the stairs and them being in the crates But my niece didn t notice it at all, and it...

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    I did not win the Goodreads first reads giveaway for this book, but was given a free Kindle version by the author.As the mother of 5 children and having studied childhood development and children s literature in depth I find this book lacking One of the key ingredients in any children s story is a lesson or a moral Louie Lilly s Nap Time has none I feel like it was all a bit of a waste The illustrations are very nice but I am struggling to find much merit in the story itself Stories that rhyme are cute and fun to read out loud, but I found that the rhythm in this book was often off The rhyming seemed forced and did n...

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    This is a delightful rhyming book that parents and kids alike will love reading Especially if they have pets or are dog lovers The illustrations added so muchLouie and Lilly were perfectly drawn The story is believable and most likely what pups do all day The rhyming was good, but not always perfect There were a couple of contrived spots, but nothing too distracting and I don t think children would even notice A couple of times transitions were not the smoo...

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    I Received this book on my kindle from author David Scott Thank You I fell in love with it right away the cover artwork is wonderful Actually all the artwork is wonderful I tested the book out on my grandaughters that night they are 4 and 5 They loved the story and pics I found the book fun to read with the rhyming text The girls have now had me rea...

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    Was given the eBook version of this story It s about a pair of dog siblings Louie and Lilly, the entire story revolves around their nap time I find the graphics were well done and love the color tones used, kids will love it The wording and rhymes made it fun to follow, easy transitions from one scenario to the next Answers my curiousity as to what the dogs do at home all day I think it s a great read for kids, will read it to my niece when she visits ...

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    I have forgotten about the rhyme in children books The last time I read a rhyme in children books was Dick and Jane Louis Lilly s Nap Time is a perfect book to read for young children The story helps them to understand what their dog and cat do when they are attending pre school kindergarten They would be curious of what happen to their pets and what do their pets do when they are not home.T...

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    I was given this book by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.Louie and Lilly are brother and sister dogs who are home alone during the day while their human mama is out They play and hide and sleep in David Scott s LOUIE AND LILLY S NAP TIME When mama comes home they are ready to play and run with her.LOUIE...

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