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Damnation Marked (Descent, #4) There S Something In The Earth Deep Below Elise Kavanagh S Territory A Shadow Is Devouring Demons And Harvesting Their Souls, And It S Coming For Elise Next.The Union Has An Easy Way Out They Want To Send Elise Into Hiding Again With James Faulkner, A Powerful Witch And The Man She S Loved For Most Of Her Life All She Has To Do Is Surrender The Territory And Trust That The Union Can Protect The Ethereal Ruins, The Dark Gate, And The City She S Come To Know As Home.Greater Powers Have Other Plans For Elise And Her Fabled Power As Godslayer Plans That Mean Surrendering Her Life And Blood To The Most Powerful Demon Alive But If She Descends, There S No Turning Back Once She Gazes Into The Abyss, It Will Gaze Back Into Herand Elise Will Be Damned Forever.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 352 pages
  • Damnation Marked (Descent, #4)
  • S.M. Reine
  • English
  • 14 July 2018

About the Author: S.M. Reine

Hi everyone My name is Sara, and I write urban fantasy and paranormal novels as SM Reine I collect swords, cat hair, and typewriters which I do use for writing It s a good day when those three things have nothing to do with each other.If you would like to know the instant my next book is available, you should enlist in my Army of Evil We have a wicked cool secret handshake, but you ll have

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    Bloody Valentine Marital Buddy Read BVMBR with my Dearest of Wives DoW , aka Choko Previous rating 4 stars I was young and na ve and didn t know any better when I first read this book Hence the pathetically low rating. New rating 5 stars Now I am wise and ancient and know much much much better Hence the Hallelujah I Finally Saw the Light Rating HIFStLR. And the moralsssssss of this reread are Bloody shrimping hell, SM Reine, punch me in the gut, why don t you It s not like I haven t read this book before, or didn t know what to expect when I picked it up So please, do go ahead, don t hold back and delightfully squash the tiny little black heart that I don t have into tiny little pieces Again This series THIS SERIES Sweet, heart warming, adorable stuff begone All hail gloriously fucked up slightly disturbing stuff A wonderfully comforting read this is not, my Little Barnacles Yay yay yay, woot woot woot, squee squee squee and stuff Blood gore viscera severed limbs YUM Elise Kavanagh Raw Unapologetic A heartless ...

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    4.25 A buddy read with the love of my life the MacHalo Freaks Elise, what are you doing, girl Could you do any damage to yourself and the people around you with the complete disregard for danger, which seems to be attracted to you like a magnet Do you realize you are breakable and mortal, and those around you even so How do you have the courage to face enumerable, much powerful enemies with only a sword and a prayer Of course things are not going to be going well when the biggest, baddest, most powerful ancient demons have decided to do away with the world and to do so, they have to go through you Well, like the portal to Heaven which you are supposed to be protecting and prevent any demon from crossing. And girl, how are you going to be able to save the world if you and your bonded male witch James are having a tiff and you are not texting him back Yeah, he has been a douchebag lately, hooking up with that bitch Stephanie while completely ignoring your feelings, but he is bonded to you with the soul purpose of kicking some demon ass You have to work it o...

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    O.O Elise doesn t know how to take the easy way out of anything, does she She s a fighter Even when the odds are stacked against her and her man witch and she aren t on the best of terms, she barrels in head first and tries to do the right thing.She s so tortured by all the ones she hasn t managed to save, too Her exhaustion at life and at battling against the things that go bump in the night is tangible Yet, when the chips are down, she s not ready to roll over and die She wants to live She wants things to be better Whether that means teaming up with the demons who aren t there to hurt and harm or going toe to toe with the baddest demon on the block, she tries.And, OMG , her relationship with James absolutely kills me She s rough around the edges, sure, but she loves him and seeing him with someone else is something that she can t handle ...

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    I ve read the first five books in this series and thoroughly enjoyed the various plot twists and raw hidden emotions of the characters The relationship between Elise and James becomes even frustrating to the reader as James allows Stephanie to drive a larger wedge between them And he seems so clueless as to why Elise tries so hard to avoid him.Haven t seen many people actually pointing out that they like the non linear storytelling I enjoy how that creates two related stories in the book, and explains a lot without things becoming draggy It did take a while to figure it out at first, but if you re reading multiple books of this series in...

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    I like the ending it was unexpected

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    This book is amazing It s the darkest one so far in the series, and there is a lot of action and suspense It never really slows down It s one thing after another and grabs you by the throat and won t let you go.The thing that got me the most was a HUGE revelation for one of the characters it s so huge, I didn t believe my eyes It will definitely complicate things for sure.We re told of Elise and James s backstory, which is always good.And the enda word of warning get ready to freak out It s amazing, it s great, but it will absolutely slay you And yes, there s a big honking cliffhanger, so be prepared to wait till the next installment.I had the pleasure of reading an early draft of what was to become Death s Hand I ve seen the series progress, and I have to say SM Reine is one hell of a writer, and this series just keeps getting better and...

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    So what to say about this series Lord of mighty what not to say It s well written, thought out and addictive I ve read all books in order and I m jumping to the next I m giving no spoilers as I started reading this series blind and I was better for it Trust me people, take a chance and you won t regret it SM Reine s world is believable, so much so that I cried through the last few chapters Sobbed like a baby and I m not ashamed to admit it How do you know a book or a series of books are good One you can t put them down Burnt dinner while reading Two you replace the main character with yourself Yes I so did Three you get so involved you scream, laugh, cry while hugging the book And also shake your finger at it while giving out Did this while waiting on my mother, in the doctors waiting room full of people staring at me like I was mad That in my humble opinion is how you know a good book series And The Descent series is fast becoming part of my top 10 SM Reine thank you Your mind h...

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    I ve done it again Grrrr Ever get done with one book in a series and without stopping to do a review, jump right in and read the next book Well, that s what I did Now I am 80% into book five and I can t remember book four But that should give you a bit of an idea about how well I liked the book I couldn t wait to see what would happen to the characters.This book didn t end with a cliffhanger, by the way One could very well let it go and read the next book when they can But Reno and Tahoe were left in a big mess I am afraid to go downtown now as I am sure I will see it all apocalyptic and ruined That is the fun of these books for me The author has included landmarks around here and has hell take over And it is during the snows so reading it in the right season helps to add to the allure.Elise, the main character is a strong person often too strong for her own good but we do get to see her insecurities and weaknesses She has a good support system around her but often chooses the role as protector rather than put her friends family in the way of danger She s sassy and fun.The problem I had with this book is the same I had with the last one, the jumping back and forth in time If you read on the Kindle, especially using text to speech the sections go by and it is easy to get lo...

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    Damnation Marked was a great continuation of the Descent Series Elise and James have been fighting the darkness and now the Union is drawing near, trying to take over They want Elise to surrender her territory and in return, they will transport her and James to a safe place.Book 4 in the series continued with full on action and suspense Elise was always into something, while James was focusing on his new life with Stephanie which I hated The plot held my attention since the first book, and the author s manipulation of it is incredible S.M Reine s writing and description are well done and in detail James Elise weren t as connected in this book T...

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    Elise is a wonderfully complex character to me She is purported to be really powerful, but things aren t so easy for her On one hand it looks like you might get what she is feeling or thinking, then she does something totally different Some people accuse her of being emotionless and unfeeling then she does something like risk her life for an entire city Not so unfeeling sounding is it I really like reading her books so far I read this book right after Once Darkness Falls so it was quite illuminating, extra gut wrenching, and had me questioning what some characters were really about It s like Reine has so many threads and pieces of her story, but she always seems to succeed in weaving them together to make an excellent story Normally I am rather OCD about reading every book series an author writes i...

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