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10 thoughts on “The Way of Salvation in the Lutheran Church

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    Important Lutheran readingI count this book up there with the Catechism to help explain and defend the doctrine of the Lutheran Church It s a must read for any Lutheran.

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    A very neat and refreshing look at the walk of faith that a believer takes through the way of salvation From childhood and baptism to parenting and family worship to catechism class to confirmation to the Lord s Supper and the Word to conversion justification anf sanctification and revival

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    Well written, but tied to pedagogical methods popular in 1888.

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    Love love love This book is the best description of the Faith for any new believer Written to the layity, this book explains things in a way that everyone can understand.

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    Really good introduction to Lutheran theology I recommend to anyone who is curious about what Lutheran s believe, teach, and confess.

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    Good easy read Would be a good supplementary resource for confirmation and adult ed.

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