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New Writings in SF-21 PDF Epub New Writings In SF 21 By John Carnell Petrasrobert.eu Contents Keith Roberts The Passing Of The Dragons 1972 Douglas R Mason Algora One Six 1972 James White Commuter 1972 Why Is The Polite Young Man So Interested In The Old Lady Sydney J Bounds The Possessed 1972 Colin Kapp What The Thunder Said 1972 H A Hargreaves Tangled Web 1972 Michael G Coney The Tertiary Justification 1972

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    7 sci fi short stories from 1972 which still read well today 2019 Especially so of the final story, The Tertiary Justification by Michael G Coney where a confused, naked man named Bronsil, with no recollection of anything apart from base human needs, must discover how to progress through a series of increasingly different, yet familiar, rooms and ultimately rediscover what it is to be humanOther noteable stories were What The Thunder Said by C...

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