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All Our Losses, All Our Griefs: Resources for Pastoral Care Grief As A Lifelong Human Experience Is The Scope Of This Absorbing Book Kenneth Mitchell And Herbert Anderson Explore The Multiple Dimensions Of The Problem, Including The Origins And Dynamics Of Grief, Loss Throughout Life, Caring For Those Who Grieve, And The Theology Of Grieving This Examination Is Enriched By Vivid Illustrations And Case Histories Of Individuals Whose Experiences The Authors Have Shared

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    This book really helped me in processing my own grief and in supporting others who are grieving My only complaint is that it presents a somewhat narrow and Christian point of view I d love to supplement this book with one that approaches grief from a broader perspective.

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    This is an excellent book on the topic of grief I had to read it for a course I m taking, but I m really glad I did It s a resource I m sure to return to again and again.

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    A discussion of grief, which can be caused bythan just death it includes changes in life, jobs, etc A great guide on understanding grief and working with people who are suffering it.

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    Handbook for Grief Management in Ministry and Personal LifeMitchell writes authoritatively and compassionately aboutThe many layers and facets of grief Recommended by Melissa Kelley, this book did not disappointshould be required reading for anyone in Pastoral Care or grief ministry.

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    A solid pastoral care resource for dealing with loss I read this while at the Div School, before actually doing any work with grief There were of course some things I took exception to, but by and large, I found it useful.

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    Skip Elizabeth Kubler Ross and jump straight to this outstanding and deeply moving account of grief as a dynamic force within each person Sensitive, informed, and up to date even though it was written 20 years ago Very highly recommended for all pastors and mental health professionals.

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    This book taught me a lot about all the different kinds of losses people experience and how they might affect people It was refreshing to read that, for instance, losing an object can be almost the same as losing a person Some of the language is a little dated, but I got over it quickly.

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    253 Mit

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    A practical exploration of grief with approachable case studies

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    Highly recommended to all pastors on the subject of dealing with loss and grief This little book is a encouraging way to look at how to care for those who are suffering from loss and death.

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