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Project 99 How Many People Would It Take To Break The IRS How Many People Would Need To File Exemptions On Their W Tax Form And Then Refuse To Pay Uncle Sam On April Th How Many Would Be Too Many For The IRS To Actually Prosecute Before Crippling The Current System Jack And Amber Craven Started A Grassroots Movement To Change The US Tax Code Out Of Their Own Frustration What They Didn T Anticipate Was How Fast This Fire Would Spread They Didn T Foresee The Backlash That Would Rain Down On Them When Shadow Governments Have A Steak In The Craven S Patriotic Game, These Everyday Citizens Are No Longer Trying To Make A Difference They Are Merely Trying To Stay Alive Packed Full Of Government Power Plays With Exciting Cat And Mouse Action, The Adventures Of Jack And Amber Heat Up As The Government Task Force Closes In

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