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May I Rebel Please: A Dreamer's Tale... A Tale Of Lessons Learned On Love And Friendship And Life From A Different Perspective In An Engineering College In India

About the Author: Vikas Singh

Vikas Singh is a self confessed word addict, who obsessively reads anything that comes his way, be it a newspaper or the label on a cough syrup bottle An Army kid, he spent most of his early life moving from one place to another with books being his only constant companion A love affair that is on even today, with the repertoire varying from military history to cartoon histories and non fiction to pulp fiction Now a senior journalist, Vikas lives in Delhi with his wife and daughter in a house that seems to havebooks than furniture Having co authored a brief, breezy history of knowledge, The Know of Things , with Derek O Brien, Jug Suraiya and Bunny Suraiya, The Big Fix is Vikas s first novel, though definitely not his last.

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