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Conferring with Readers: Supporting Each Student's Growth and Independence A Great Reading Conference Only Takes Five Minutes, But Its Impact Can Last A Lifetime That S Because Conferences Are The Critical, One To One Teaching That Forms The Backbone Of Reading Instruction Conferring With Readers Shows You How To Confer Well And Demonstrates Why A Few Moments With Students Every Week Can Put Them On The Path To Becoming Better, Independent Readers.Conferring With Readers Is A Comprehensive Guide That Shows You How To Determine What Readers Have Learned And What They Need To Practice, Then Provides Suggestions For Targeting Instruction To Meet Students Needs It Provides Explicit Teaching Methods For Use In Effective Conferences You Ll Learn How To Research A Student S Use Of Skills Through Questions And Observationscompliment To Support And Build Upon Successesfollow Up On Prior Instruction For Accountability And Depth Of Understandingexplain A Reading Strategy By Providing An Explicit Purpose And Contextmodel The Strategy To Make The Invisible Brainwork Of Reading Visibleguide A Readerinpracticing The Strategylink The Strategy To Independent Reading Conferring With Readers Presents Repeatable Frameworks For Conferences That Focus On Six Specific Purposes Of Reading Instruction Matching Students To Just Right Books Reinforcing Students Strengths Supporting Students During Whole Class Studies Helping Students Move From One Reading Level To The Next Holding Students Accountable For Previous Learning Deepening Students Conversations About Books In Order To Deepen Their Thinking What S , Each Purpose Is Bolstered By An Appendix Of Conference Transcripts That Support Your Teaching With All This Plus Ideas For Planning Instruction, Keeping Records Of Your Conferences, And Even Conducting Group Sessions, Conferring With Readers Will Make A Big Difference In How You Teach Reading Helping You Feel Confident And Well Equipped To Foster Each Student S Growth And Independence As A Reader.

10 thoughts on “Conferring with Readers: Supporting Each Student's Growth and Independence

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    Just did a thorough reread of this book I think I could learn 20 new things every time I go back into this book.

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    Very helpful lots of ideas and potential questions that I can apply to MS, super systems for tracking progress Feeling excited to apply with my classes..

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    Great balance between Calkins and FP Nice job providing many examples of how to structure plans, instruction and conferences.

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    great reference book for readers workshop teachers read the chapters you need, skip the ones you don t.

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    There are a plethora of scenarios for teaching reading and conferring with readers I appreciate the examples and tips, such as the three finger rule for finding a book that has the right amount of vocabulary challenge, and an ...

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    A very detailed approach to reading workshop and teaching developmental reading It was very good to read, but now I have to think about how to adapt to secondary instruction We don t have 50 min per day to devote to reading we have that to devote to all instruction.

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    Skewed a LOT younger than I was expecting based on the other books in which it was cited It seems very helpful for someone who teaches younger grades but it simply wasn t good for my purposes.

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    Thank you for writing this book.so many things I can use

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    4.5 Stars Nice introduction to Reader s Workshop and Conferring I was able to get some practical conferring tips including suggestions on how to confer during student Book Club meetings

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    This would be an excellent resource for a newer teacher or a teacher who is new to conferring wants to amp up their conferring practices I glossed over a few parts of the book things which I am already very familiar with taking and analyzing running records, etc Parts I enjoyed Occasionally using Compliment Conferences as a teaching tool to reinforce strategies that the student is already doing well Give a specific example of when they used the strategy, tell them why it is helpful, re state the strategy and help them to see how this strategy will be useful with other texts Remembering that coaching supports independence I needed this reminder about using generalizable prompts instead of ones that are too specific The student needs to be doing most of the thinking processing, not me How to research reading levels in an organized way to become famil...

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