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Citizen: An American Lyric Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition ISBN 10 1555976905 ISBN 13 9781555976903A Provocative Meditation On Race, Claudia Rankine S Long Awaited Follow Up To Her Groundbreaking BookDon T Let Me Be Lonely An American Lyric Claudia Rankine S Bold New Book Recounts Mounting Racial Aggressions In Ongoing Encounters In Twenty First Century Daily Life And In The Media Some Of These Encounters Are Slights, Seeming Slips Of The Tongue, And Some Are Intentional Offensives In The Classroom, At The Supermarket, At Home, On The Tennis Court With Serena Williams And The Soccer Field With Zinedine Zidane, Online, On TV Everywhere, All The Time The Accumulative Stresses Come To Bear On A Person S Ability To Speak, Perform, And Stay Alive Our Addressability Is Tied To The State Of Our Belonging, Rankine Argues, As Are Our Assumptions And Expectations Of Citizenship In Essay, Image, And Poetry, Citizen Is A Powerful Testament To The Individual And Collective Effects Of Racism In Our Contemporary, Often Named Post Race Society.

  • Paperback
  • 169 pages
  • Citizen: An American Lyric
  • Claudia Rankine
  • English
  • 08 July 2017

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    Do you remember that incident early in the primary campaign in 2016 when a young black woman staged a silent protest by reading a book during a Trump rally Well, this is the book, and I think you should read it too It covers some of the same ground as Coates Between the World and Me, but Rankine is older and perhaps wiser And Rankine got there first.Her book is a well constructed bricolage of anecdote, poetry, criticism, and multi media presentation, expertly designed by Rankine s photographer husband John Lucas The book presents us with the experiences of Rankine, a black woman, a poet and an esteemed professor, as she confronts and endures the thoughtless or malicious everyday words and actions of white people in America, many of whom are her friends Examples when they call you by the name of that other black person they know, when they cut in front of you in line, when they use racist language, when they just don t seem to see you at all She also meditates upon these events, generalizes from them, and presents us with incidents which help to illuminate them, from the temper tantrums of Serena Williams to the death of Trayvon Martin and Obama s botched oath during his first inauguration Like Coates, she experiences such incidents as a form of violence that throw her back upon herself, upon the resources of her blackness, her own body her very iden...

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    This book is necessary and timely It was timely fifty years ago I pray it is not timely fifty years from now Rankine takes on the realities of race in America with elegance but also rage resignation maybe we call it rageignation Outstanding book.

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    Update 4 6 16 Tonight I had the privilege to attend a reading and discussion with Claudia Rankine here in Holland It was a real treat Especially powerful was seeing the visual elements of her book brought to life on the screen, with the video made by her husband John Lucas , the music all mingling with her words to create an intensely powerful and emotive display Rankine is a pure joy to hear read and speak, full of wit and humor and a reminder to us all that we all have the responsibility to constantly continue the conversation about our society She says that it isn t people that anger her, because it is important to remember that we all even those who offend us are people, but the failed judicial systems, white privilege, and all the social constructs that build a closed door to individuals based on race are what fuels her poetry I particularly enjoyed her story about how she became a writer She was working for a legal degree when she came across the poetry of Adrienne Rich She says its a moment that can only happen around the age of 21, but when she read Rich she thought this is good, but I can do it better She loved what Rich had to say, but wanted to tweak the text to speak to her conditions, her story, her struggle After abandoning the legal field her first job was for a firm that defended two men for insider trading she went on to a masters in creative writing and now has delivered an extraordinarily powerful book about racial politics and micro ...

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    This was quite an emotional read for me, the instances of racial aggressions that were illustrated in this book being unfortunately all too familiar The thing is, most people who commit these microaggressions don t realize they are making them yet they have an accumulated effect on the psyche I hope this book will help people become empathic to the plight of others The question, How difficult is it for one body to feel the injustice wheeled at another is so apt, especially for those of us living in multicultural environments.Although I ve always been a huge fan of Serena Williams, reading about her experiences with racist refs and tennis players made me respect her even I liked the style this book was written in, I guess you could loosely call it a poem The only poem I ve ever written has been on racial aggressions and the racist media I felt at the time it was a way for me to get my thoughts across clearly and it ...

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    Claudia Rankine is an absolute master of the written word Her gripping accounts of racism, through prose and poetry, moved me deeply I saw the world through her eyes, a profound experience I loved this small piece of prose, feeling most colored when thrown against a sharp white background As a huge Serena Williams fan, I read with rapt attention to the expose on Serena s plunge against that sharp white background I felt a sense of rage that has always been there, burning For Serena has claimed she has had to split herself off from herself and create a different personae The very definition of dissociation disorder I al...

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    This is a poignant powerful work of art It s than a book The sections study different incidents in American culture and also includes a bit about France black, blanc beurre That part surprised me Rankine does a brilliant job taking an in depth look at life being black She says the things that we have all said and describes situations we have all been in In the light of the...

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    4.5 starsI read about 40 pages of this back in September for Diverseathon, but for some reason, I really couldn t get into it then Maybe it was that I should ve have forced myself to read it in such a quick amount of time, because this story definitely warrants taking your time and digesting what it s trying to say I continually put this off after that, citing that I was bored and didn t want to continue reading if it was going to be something painstaking.However, I brought this book home with me for Easter break, wanting to reduce the ridiculous amount of things on my currently reading pile I began to pick this up from where I left off, recalling that the last essay poem I had read was really long and rough to get through, but I told myself that a fresh start would be my motivation to see this with fresh eyes And i m so happy I did.This book is gorgeous It s half educational, half eye opening I was devastated reading this, and constantly impressed with the quality of the writing, the one liners, and the depth of emotion to this The first time I read this, I must not have been in the right state of mind, because this punched me in the gut the second time I loved almost every single page, and the art and photography...

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    Look at the cover A hoodie The iconic image of American fear Urban danger Gang bangers A seventeen year old boy in Miami Gardens, FL The shooting death of an unarmed black manThe shooting death of an unarmed black manThe shooting death of an unarmed black manLet Me Google That For You Trayvon MartinMichael BrownWalter ScottEzell FordThe hoodie on the cover is empty Claudia Rankine fills it with experiences The experiences of Americans whose color has rendered them invisible to the many who are privileged enough to be blind It is fascinating to read and experience this book of poetry and essay and visual image in light of the Rachel Dolezal controversy that exploded over the weekend the president of the Spokane NAACP who identifies as black despite all evidence to the contrary Whatever is in Ms Dolezal s heart and it seems clear that identifying as a black woman is meaningful to her what cannot be denied is that her very choice is a privilege She can walk away or could have, before she became a media sensation from her performance at any time and reclaim her whiteness Sometimes I is supposed to hold what is not there until it is Then what is comes apart the closer you are to it.Rankine s words embody the conundrum that is Rachel Dolezal it is the difference between her I and her what is.T...

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    This is incisive poetry I read it in a sitting It s a sort of essay about the kinds of psychological burdens that black people have to deal with constantly about the stigmas of race and certain other people just want to ignore and drown out those who speak out about it See the one star reviews for the nasty details I remember first hearing about this book from some sterile academic journal, but I was reminded of it again when a lady in the audience read it during a Trump rally in Iowa I like this image of reading as an act of protest The contemplation of images, history, memory, and their effect on specific bodies works as a shield against political demagogues who promise easy answers to intractable questions.It s comparatively easy to call for action against racist laws and institutions and bring up proof against them It s comparatively easy to call for this and that law to be dismantled and such policeman to be tried with a paper trail of wrongdoing The problem of implicit biases about the humanity or social status of the other, seems to be a problem as innate as the Christian concept of original sin Of course not every person is a Christian, but the idea of some implicit bias seems anathema to the idea that every individual decision is rational and can exp...

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    claudia rankine is oxygen to a world under water.

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