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Twilight at the Well of Souls: The Legacy of Nathan Brazil (Saga of the Well World, #5) The Rift In The Fabric Of Space Was Fast Approaching The Well World, And Time Was Running Out Troops All Over The Planet Were Gathering For The Final Battle.Nathan Brazil And Mavra Chang Somehow Had To Reach The Well Of Souls In Time To Save The Universe And Before Any Of The Hostile Natives Managed To Kill Them.At Best, A Difficult Mission At Worst, Impossible Especially Since There Was A Price On Brazil S Head And Many Would Be Claimants For Brazil, The Difficult Was But The Work Of A Moment The Impossible Would Take A Little Longer

10 thoughts on “Twilight at the Well of Souls: The Legacy of Nathan Brazil (Saga of the Well World, #5)

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    Excelently readable guilty pleasure SF.

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    an interesting piece of Sci Fi, set in a world where computer can rule all, the storytelling bumps around as the character move through zones

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    Very good series of books One of those that really makes you think.

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    Like another reviewer here on GoodReads, I initially read this series out of order The title The Return of Nathan Brazil grabbed my attention one day in my first year of college Luckily, all but the last two books in the series can be read independently of the rest Once I had gobbled up Return , I quickly tracked down the rest of the five I ve been rereading them ever since.This is one of few examples of an author ...

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    I found this pretty satisfying I think I m probably done with this series, though apparently there are two Well World books, and then a spin off trilogy with Nathan Brazil and Mavra Chang far in the future, but I m just not interested This book wrapped it up well enough for me, although I was disappointed that, as soon as Brazil and Mavra got into the control room, we didn t hear anything about ...

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    All of the well of souls books explores the strong social problems of our own world in a tale of science fiction Social injustice, prejudice, close mindedness all are some of the common problems that plauge the inhabitants ...

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    This is the series by Chalker that everyone asked me about I had read his work extensively before trying it and I understand why they asked It is an amazing adventure that brings together the stories everyone has heard It explain almo...

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    A fantastic conclusion to the Well World series Mysteries that have lingered since the first book are revealed, and the whole thing is brought to an emotionally resonant conclusion The Well World combines epic scope with believable character study I would recommend this to...

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    This completes the two book set started with the Return of Nathan Brazil and this one is set on the Well world Marva Chang features along with Nathan Brazil and like an earlier book it involves a chase but with a lot less focus on the various rac...

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    I enjoyed this book, although I felt the ending was a bit over the top I also thought that some elements of the story were not adequately explained this is consistent with a few other series by Chalker.

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