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It Happened in Rocky Mountain National Park (It Happened In Series) True Tales From Rocky Mountain National Park With 3.3 Million Visitors Each Year, Many Unexpected Things Occur In This Phenomenal Park From A Bloody Ambush At Grand Lake To A Sudden Flash Flood In Estes Park Meet Patrick Finan And Tim Schuett, Two Campers Whose Trips Were Cut Short After A Black Bear S Brutal Surprise Attack Learn What Hillel Ben Avi Endured After Becoming Lost Near Fairchild Mountain For Four Days And Find Out Why Noontime Is A Risky Hour To Go Hiking In The Summer The News May Shock You It Happened In Rocky Mountain National Park Looks At Intriguing People And Episodes From The History Of Colorado S Largest National Park.

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    This is a easy and interesting read about different events that have happened in Rocky Mountain National Park The writing and editing are often lacking, but the read is worthwhile for those interested in the Park.

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    Each chapter started with great detail and imagery, but then the chapter got dry The stories are interesting, and could make fantastic stories on their own If I were to write historical fiction, this would be one of my idea prompts.

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    This is an enjoyable walk through time to find out how many trys it took for a party to reach the summit of Longs Peak and since that time what dangers are up there Some of the struggles the park faces were struggles that occured back before the area was calle...

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    History of the area Engaging.

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    Tuesday, March 11, 2008, at 7 30pm at the Boulder Book Store.

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