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Where the Bodies Are Buried Im Newman S Where The Bodies Are Buried Was Co Published In 2000 By The Alchemy Press And Airgedl Mh Publications The Book Collects The Four Bodies Stories Where The Bodies Are Buried Where The Bodies Are Buried II Sequel Hook Where The Bodies Are Buried 3 Black And White And Red All Over Where The Bodies Are Buried 2020 This Collection Topped And Tailed With An Introduction By Peter Atkins And A Dramatis Personae, Which Nicely Links This Collection To Many Of Kim S Other Works Where The Bodies Are Buried Was Published As A Signed, Number Hardcover Edition Of 500 Copies Signed By Kim Newman, Peter Atkins, Sylvia Starshine Cover Art And Randy Broecker Interior Art.

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    The first two stories were good, the third was okay, and the forth one just sucked Glad it only cost me 3 for a signed edition.

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    This slim and attractive volume brought out by the Alchemy Press, is a bit difficult to review Let me start by saying that this book is neither a novel nor a collection of short stories It is a collection of 4 separate stories, published in different years, in different anthologies These stories are connected by a common theme the cause effects of a slasher horror film and its sequels called Where The Bodies Are Buried The stories dealt with the different facets of this event , which were Who Rob Hackwill the urban legend type demon portrayed in the film originally was, and how the film juxtaposed the demon of the film upon the demon within the template Changes brought by the film s upon its first director who was also the writer Impact of the film, as portrayed by the tabloid media, and the darker realities behind the campaign who gains what Impact of the film, as envisioned by organized religions, and again the darker realities behind the campaign again, who gains what.I found the first story about the original Rob Hackwill to be the most entertaining The second one was too much about the behind the door scenes of film making The third one was downright disturbing ...

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    Putting the horror and social satire together is, at least to my reading experience, unusual, but Kim Newman does it here He doesn t make the monsters silly that would remove the book from the horror genre Through the monsters and their foes, he pokes fun at politicians, newsmen, Hollywood, and televangelists These targets unifying wrongs include, typically for satire, hypocrisy, but also their self serving promotion of censorship a natural concern for a lover of the horror genre.The linked stories aim at one occupation at a time, and in that they are like some of Sir Terry Pratchett s novels the ones that pick an occupation or industry, blend it with fantasy, and by taking it to absurd extremes, have some fun at its expense And other works theatre comes to mind have also picked a succession of occupational targets Side note the stories should be read together and in order, notwithst...

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    This novella started off so well, I really enjoyed the first 2 chapters, although the second would have benefited with a few hundred words cutting from it The third chapter worked well although was a tad confusing at the start, with characters that had no real substance to them But I was so disappointed with the final one The last chapter was disjointed and ...

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    This book is an anthology of four short stories that are interlinked and cover a 40 year ish time span I loved the first three but the last left me feeling indifferent But you may feel different about them all, who knows Worth reading for the first three alone and the veiled references to dodge politicians and unscrupulous tabloid journalism...

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    Excellent collection from a master of horror and fantasy

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