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The Roman Imperial Army Read The Roman Imperial Army By Graham Webster Bandcamptomp3.co.uk This Classic Work Of Scholarship Scrutinizes All Aspects Of Roman Military Forces Throughout The Roman Empire, In Europe, North Africa, And The Near And Middle East Graham Webster Describes The Roman Army S Composition, Frontier Systems, Camps And Forts, Activities In The Field Including Battle Tactics, Signaling, And Medical Services , And Peacetime Duties, As Well As The Army S Overall Influence In The Empire First Published In 1969, The Work Is Corrected And Expanded In This Third Edition, Which Includes New Information From Excavations And The Findings Of Contemporary Scholars Hugh Elton Provides An Introduction Surveying Scholarship On The Roman Army Since The Last Edition Of 1985.

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    Graham Webster s book is considered to be one of the definitive works on the Roman Army It is most definitely that, but it isn t for the beginner or the casual reader Professor Webster writes the book with the eye of an archeologist The chapters are very specific and dedicated to such topics as the soldiers clothes, armor, weapons, religious practices, the layout of their camps and forts, their daily rituals, tactics, organization in the field and in garrison There are other chapters as well but this gives you a clear idea of what the book is about It isn t an historical account of battles, campaigns, and politics This is a book about the institution itself For those who are truly interested in all things Roman then this is...

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    Compact, complete work on the Roman Imperial Army that covers just about everything one would want to know about the legions, inlcuding how they were named and where they were stationed This is an excellent resource for the non...

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    A very comprehensive work that covers all aspects of Roman Army Structure, logistics and encampment If you need to research the subject I would highly recommend this work.

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    The Roman army changed over time This work looks at the composition, structures, and strategies during the Imperial period A useful reference tool.

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    Read most of it for an Ancient Warfare class Good stuff.

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    Anyone interested in the details of a Roman Legion from their organization to their religious practices will find this a useful reference manual.

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