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Teach Yourself Gaelic Complete Course Audiopack Functional And Fun, This Course Offers Full Pronunciation Guides, Grammar Summaries, Dialogues, Cultural Notes, Vocabulary Charts, And Irregular Verb Tables Ideal For Complete Language Study From Comprehension, To Speaking And Writing Skills, To Understanding The Culture.

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    This book covers a lot of ground very well The exercises are quite inventive for example, having to rearrange the words in a sentence so that it reads as proper Gaelic and drive home the points made in the text There are also plenty of grammatical notes and paradigms, something that is given short shrift in too many modern language classes I bought it because I listen to a lot of Scottish Gaelic music and I was often perplexed by features of vocabulary, syntax and pronunciation that I couldn ...

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    I would have to say based on the book layout if you want to learn and understand the language this is the book for you I will say that I did not get the audio from the library not sure why but assuming I had it I think th...

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    I bought this to accompany my other learning materials for Scottish Gaelic So far it is a very good study guide, and I have learned quite a bit from reading it and listening to the CD s.

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    Good book, all right However, not as easy as it sounds, since Gaelige is a difficult language I have recorded sources that have been a lot of help in using this book.

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    Teach Yourself Gaelic Complete Course by Boyd Robertson 1995

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    It is THE most difficult language for me to learn But the book does it s best to teach you how to speak it.

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    Because I love Gaelic.

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    it is not a good Teach Yourself type of book gaelic is a hard language and this book does not help make it easy.

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