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Advanced ECG 2nd ED ECGs Make Up A Significant Part Of The Internal Medicine And Cardiology Specialty Board Exams, And This Is The Perfect Book To Help You Prepare In This Comprehensive Volume, Dr Phibbs Explains How To Differentiate Among ECG Rhythms And Describes The Identifying Principles Of Commonly Confused Rhythm Readings Pearls And Tips For Recognizing Rhythm Problems And Common Pitfalls In ECG Readings Appear In Every Chapter And Are Covered In Detail In Addition, Three Practice Exams With A Total Of Over 100 Questions Facilitate Exam Preparation And Self Assessment Contains Three Practice Exams With A Total Of Over 100 Questions And Answers For BOARD REVIEW For The ECG Section Of The Internal Medicine And Cardiology Board Exams About Author Brendan Phibbs, MD, Professor Of Clinical Medicine, University Of Arizona Medical Center Chief Of Cardiology, Kino Community Hospital, Tucson, Arizona Table Of Contents 1 Sinus Rhythms Two Benign Variations 2 Ectopic Beats And Sustained Ectopic Rhythms Mechanisms Of Idiorhythms And Paroxysmal Tachycardia 3 Differential Diagnosis Of Wide Beat Tachycardia 4 The Supraventricular Tachycardias 5 Various Abnormalities Of Intraventricular Conduction 6 More About Aberrancy Self Assessment I 7 AV Block Where Is It Localized And What Do You Do About It 8 Diagnosis Of Complex Forms Of AV Block Some Tricks, Some Booby Traps 9 Atrial Fibrillation 10 Atrial Flutter Self Assessment II 11 Preexcitation 12 Fascicular Beats And Fascicular Tachycardia 13 Concealed Conduction, Exit Block, Bundle Branch Wenckebach And Supernormal Conduction 14.

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