☀ The Secret (Tudor Chronicles #1) PDF / Epub ✍ Author Lesley Jepson – Capitalsoftworks.co.uk

☀ The Secret (Tudor Chronicles #1)  PDF / Epub ✍ Author Lesley Jepson – Capitalsoftworks.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 179 pages
  • The Secret (Tudor Chronicles #1)
  • Lesley Jepson
  • English
  • 07 December 2018

The Secret (Tudor Chronicles #1) PDF Epub The Secret Tudor Chronicles 1 Author Lesley Jepson Federicoscridel.eu King Henry VIII Of England Fell In Love With Anne Boleyn, Divorcing Queen Katharine And Changing The Religion Of The Country In Order To Make Anne His Wife But What If Anne Loved Someone Else Upon Returning To England After A Girlhood Spent Serving At The Court Of France, Anne Is Astonished To Catch The Eye Of King Henry VIII Despite Being In Love With A Man She Can Never Marry, Anne Is Ordered By Her Powerful Family To Wed The King Drawn Into A Court Filled With Intrigue And Deception, Can Anne Keep The Secret That, If Discovered, Will Cost Her Life, And The Life Of The One Man She Truly Loves

About the Author: Lesley Jepson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Secret (Tudor Chronicles #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Lesley Jepson author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “The Secret (Tudor Chronicles #1)

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    Ummmno.This book is pure fiction with a dash of historical names Do not read if you have any appreciation for the real people this book claims to be about.Now I m going to get mean, so turn away if you don t like particularly venomous reviews, but by golly I m a Tudor history nerd and you don t do this kind of thing to Anne Boleyn and get away with it I am not usually a mean spirited book reviewer but this one has it coming sooooo much And there s a spoiler at close to the end solook away, faint of heart This book makes a mockery of the real Queen Anne, how different she was from the other women of her time, and all she tried to do in politics and religion, turning her into a pale Mary Sue out of some bad mommy porn Internet fanfic club s late night, red wine infused, fetish confessional group chat There is so much historically wrong with this novel it approaches a Trump speech in terms of deliberate dishonesty I honestly mourn the heartbeats I spent reading this I stuck it through to the end because I was really hoping the huge plot point that really, totally, could not have actually happened, people would take us somewhere close to showing the real Anne the Anne who was witty and clever, ambitious and partisan, the Anne who helped spread the Reformation, who could go toe to toe with powerful men, who wra...

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    Do not buy or read this this book unless you are into incest Yes, this is who Anne is secretly in love with referring to, none other to her brother, George You don t find out until about the 10th chapter, when Anne has the sweating sickness Thay had shared a passionate kiss in the garden at Hever Castle prior to that, and I guess that just released all...

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    Interesting perspective Anne is often portrayed as the villainess, so it was nice to see the story told from another point of view However, no matter how the book romanticized the relationship between Anne and George, it is still incest and pretty gross I am a huge Tudor fan This book gave an Interesting perspective Anne is often portrayed as the villainess in this...

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    I did not enjoy this view of Anne Boleyn I am a huge fan of anything Tudor and I felt like these were certainly false tales meant to slander her name Especially the part of her sleeping with her brother.

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    The real secret of Anne BoleynHenry s need for a son caused him to lose all reason He changed the church, laws anything for Anne But even she couldn t give him a son So he cast her aside, but Anne was loved and that was her greatest secret.

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    Great historyI thoughly enjoyed this book and would say that it filled in quite a few questions a about the history of Anne Boleyn

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    SecretsIt is too fictionalized to be believable but it makes an interesting version of the story..The Tudor s are fascinating to read about.

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    Loved this book.I have always found any books interesting that cover this particular time period Love reading about the wives of Henry VIII.

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    Let me begin by saying I am a HUGE Tudor fan And yes, I am willing to bet that the average reader probably isn t going to be a stickler for historical accuracy in what is, after all, fiction Even so, I am willing to forgive a lot for the sake of a well told story That being said, this is a suckfest from start to finish The dialogue was stilted, the history questionable at best, and the brother humping just feculent in the extreme It reads like a low rent trashy romance novel, except for the part where trashy romance novels can be fun to read I borrowed it on my Kindle Unlimited and not only am I glad I didn t have to pay for it, I kind of feel like the author ought to reimburse everyone who reads it with a handwritten note of apology and possibly a ...

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    Another view of Ann Boleyn.A good love love story of a forbidden love Enjoyable and a good read Makes you wonder if she might have loved her brother as husband Or was it the lie Henry made to have her killed Interesting to the end.

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