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The Book of Bees Wszystko O Pszczo Ach W Wielkoformatowym AlbumieDaj Si Zaprosi Do Magicznego Kr Lestwa Pszcz Przyjrzyj Si Z Bliska, Jak S Zbudowane, Zajrzyj Do Ich Domu, Poznaj Ich Zwyczaje Zobacz, Jak Ta Cz , I Dowiedz Si , Kiedy I Po Co To Robi Sprawd , Sk D Wiadomo, E Y Y Ju W Czasach Dinozaur W, I Dlaczego Znalaz Y Si Na P Aszczu Napoleona Popracuj Z Pszczelarzem, Przejed Si Ci Ar Wk Wioz C Ule Do Sadu Migda Owego, Posmakuj R Nych Rodzaj W Miodu Tylko Uwa Aj Nie Daj Si U Dli Na Ksi K Sk Ada Si Ponad Rozk Ad Wek W Du Ym Formacie, Z Kt Rych Ka Da To Misternie Skomponowana Plansza Kolorowe Ilustracje S Pe Ne Szczeg W, A Kr Tki Przyst Pny Tekst Nie Tylko Obja Nia To, Co Si Na Nich Znajduje, Ale Te Zawiera Wiele Dodatkowych Informacji I Ciekawostek

10 thoughts on “The Book of Bees

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    Beautifully illustrated and highly informative.

  2. says:

    Okay this book is gorgeous and full of facts about bees But what really makes it is the gorgeousness and the humor in some of the illustrations

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    An easy read with lots of interesting facts about bees The illustrations were okay, but they could have been a lot better.

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    6 art5 informationA little old for Squirt at the moment, but the pictures are so huge and amazing, I just went from page to page, read a bit of text and put the rest into my own words What a wonderful way to interest kids in nature I highly recommend.

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    Just a nice book with cool illustrations and information about bees Got this from the library, would love to have a copy for my daughter to grow up with But unfortunately there are no guarantees that she cares about bees.

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    There are lots of interesting fact about bees in this book.

  7. says:

    Loved the oversized presentation of this book It allowed for great pictures and diagrams Was a really fascinating read.

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    Very informative for a kids book I enjoyed the colored illustrations and my interest has been piqued enough for me to look into locating ain depth account of bees in ancient times, particularly Egypt.

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    I didn t read it but omg the art is amazing

  10. says:

    An informative book about the history and everyday life of bees and beekeeping Really enjoyed the illustrations The book managed to keep a one and a half year old occupied as well.

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