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Pay, Quit, or Die PDF Epub Pay, Quit, Or Die Don Herion Thomashillier.co.uk Organized Crime, The Mafia, Or The Outfit As It Is Known In Chicago, Is Surrounded By A False Glamour That Elevates Mobsters To The Level Of Swashbuckling Folk Heroes Whose Ready Violence And Savage Murders Are Too Often Excused In The Public Mind As Acceptable Because They Only Hurt Each Other Similarly, Illegal Gambling, The Bread And Butter Racket Inevitably Combined With Loan Sharking And Extortion, Is Widely Tolerated Because It Is Perceived To Be A Victimless Crime.

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    I really good book written by a former Chicago cop who was also on the Organized Crime Gambling unit in Chicago He has some great stories of dealing with mobsters and other stories about his police career Has some pretty brutal photos of dead...

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