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    Summer house .

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    On the surface this is a simple, domestic tale Three elderly women are raising a little girl, Sofia, the illegitimate daughter of factory worker Antonina, who has been lucky enough to be allocated a room in the grannies communal flat While Antonina goes to work, often accepting double shifts, to support the makeshift family, the grannies tell their stories to little Sofia and reminisce about their lives, filling her head with images from Russia s troubled past Each of the old women has suffered immeasurably during the war and siege of Leningrad, losing homes and families Now they pour all the love they have into the little girl Life is hard The novel poignantly and vividly captures the atmosphere of 1960s Soviet life the daily drudgery to find enough food, the endless queues, the excitement of finding fabric to make a dress and managing to jump the queue and get a TV, the difficulties of washing and doing the laundry without a bathroom And interspersed with the minutiae of daily life are the memories of the old ladies and the unbelievable struggle they had to survive during the Siege, the hunger, the deaths, the cold Much of the action takes place in the flat, but we are also taken to Antonina s factory, to the shops, the church, the nursery where Sofia goes before the grannies take over With these three generations of women the reader has a moving and compelling account of life in Soviet Russia, all told from ...

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    Oh man My kingdom for a regular lineal narrative I m too tired and distracted to fill in the gaps in a story If I want beautiful, evocative prose that grasps isolated snippets in time then i will heed towards poetry But when I read a story, I want a clear, directed narrative Maybe I m just a boring pedestrian lump, but with 3 boy children, I don t want to play cryptic crosswords when I read a novel, I also don t want poetry, I want to be lovingly caressed by the gentle intoxicating flow of a narrative.I couldn t finish this book This is the 5th book in a row I have borrowed form the library that I have had to put down due to the flimsy adherence to narrative structure It seems to be fashionable in writing at the moment, to challenge the way narrative is presented I guess we have to push an art form But honestly at this stage in my life I am to tired to give a shit about artistic pursuits I just want to be swept away with the suspension of disb...

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    Sadly, I didn t enjoy this book as much as I hoped I would.The beginning was really captivating, the first few pages promised something emotional and magnificent But then hm, how should I put it The thing that looked like a beginning of a story turned out to be the whole story And that was terribly disappointing I feel like there was a story there an interesting and powerful story, but the author just refused to tell it and focused on the prologue instead The book needs editing It s really short as it is, but it still needs to be cut in half Half the scenes make no sense and feel like fillers I think the novel would work better as a short story, since there really isn t much story here to tell, just a good idea and an okay twist The three older women in this book, who were supposed to be powerful and infl...

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    I read this to complete the Reading Women Challenge 2018 s challenge 7 A Book Set in Russia or by a Russian Author I ve decided not to rate this one in stars, because I don t think it would be fair to the book or author I found this story to be incredibly confusing, but I think that had a lot to do with my own interpretations, as well as reading its ebook edition It looks like the physical edition has about 100 pages, so I imagine that there were probably page breaks to signify narrator changes that were absent in the ebook edition This was where a lot of the confusion came from I ve never read a Russian novel befo...

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    Naisten aika avaa lukijalle el m n realiteetteja 60 luvun Neuvostoliitossa, ajalta jolloin usko kommunismin loistavaan tulevaisuuteen oli luja ja horjumaton Saamme seurata omalaatuisen perheen el m asuntopulasta k rsiv ss Leningradissa.T i ova kuvaa realistisesti arkea kommunistisessa j rjestelm ss kaikesta on pulaa, kaikkea jonotetaan, puolue vahtii jokaista Omaa yksityist mini...

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    Izvilku gr matu, kas vismaz gadus piecus ir man gr matplaukt Visu laiku ita, ka tas b s pasmagi, un bija jau ar e ingrada, 50 to gadu beigas, r pn cas str dniecei nejau i gad s ie emt b rnu no sap u prin a R pn ca Anto inai pie ir istabu komun laj dz vokl , kur mitin s tr s vecas, jaun bu cara laikos skat ju as kundz tes, kas sirsn gi iesaist s meiten tes audzin an , kura diem l ilgi nes k run t Kaut k vi as visas sitas pa to dz v ti, bet meitene dab inteli entu, veco laiku audzin anu oti daudz kam var notic t padomju dz ve, raksturi, cilv ku likte i, tom r iespaids ir tik nom co s, ka ir atvieglojums par rom na beig m Nepatika rom na mistiski krist g sast vda a, kas par d j ...

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    El tiempo sin ventanas de Elena Chizhova es una novela contempor nea escrita en el a o 2009 pero con gusto cl sico Ambientada en el San Petersburgo sovi tico de principios de los 60, est protagonizada por una madre soltera, su hija que no habla y que se comunica a trav s de sus dibujos, y tres abuelas que se han quedado completamente solas y s lo se tienen las unas a las otras Estas cinco mujeres formaran una at pica familia, se ayudar n entre si mientras la madre va a trabajar a la f brica, las abuelas cuidan de la ni a, y en realidad al final todas acabar n cuidando unas de las otras , se querr n y formar n una unidad compacta para intentar sobrevivir, porque ya se sabe que es m s f cil resistir si formas parte de un grupo que si vas en solitario Es una obra muy triste las protagonistas las han pasado y siguen pas ndolas canutas Y a n as , est llena de tanta ternura que hay momentos que casi parece una obra optimista La madre se mata trabajando, las abuelas han perdido a todos sus hijos y familiares queridos porque el estado se los ha quitado de en medio pero de esto no se habla nunca en voz alta , hay escasez de muchas cosas pero m s que nada ...

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