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War God Blues: The Reluctant War God Book 2 Special Premier Pricing Per Order For Only Cents, This Title Will Sell For After Its Release ORDER NOW To Save Sometimes When You Get What You Want, You Lose Everything All Carl Wanted To Do Was Retire As A War God An Eternity Of Death And Destruction In A Thousand Realities Has Turned Him Against All The Gods And Convinced Him That Humanity Was Better Of Without Them But When He Loses His Divinity And His Magical Weapons He Can T Celebrate They Ve Been Taken By A Power Hungry Fool Who Has No Idea Of The Damage That Will Be Released Upon The World But How Can Carl, Now Mortal, Challenge A God

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    It s a good yarn with plenty of room forYou can tell Allen was influence by the Amber books, what with alternate worlds and and a dysfunctional family, but that s not a bad thing Looking forward to .

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