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A.D. After Death, Book Two What If We Found A Cure For Death The Second Chapter Of The Haunting Sci Fiepic By SCOTT SNYDER WYTCHES, Batman, American Vampire And JEFF LEMIRE DESCENDER, Moon Knight, Sweet Tooth Jonah Cooke Is Haunted By His Long, Long Past, But Will It Be Enough To Push Him To Turn His Back On Eternal Life And Who Or What May Be Calling To Him From The Old World Below The Clouds

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    So, after a vague and confusing first volume let s call it intriguing , the second volume of three gets a bit focused As expected, we get some back story about the world After Death, meaning after a cure for death is found, but we see that though people are eternal, their brains memories are limited We also explore why it is people might want to live forever or why not Cycles of experience are key, and the attendant useful memory loss makes this desire for living possible, as it turns out We only can remember so much, and this makes life and the loss of the past bearable But our hero Jonah doesn t like the set up, even cured as he is He doesn t want to be immortal, and isn t sure everyone he knows will want it, either He wants out.In the first volume the relationship between the illustrated prose sections and the comics was not so clear or I just didn t see it, so will have to reread but in this one, those prose sections help us with back story, they work clearly to me as commentary on present events depicted in the comics section We learn about the world of the past and some environmental disaster, and we learn about kleptomaniac Jonah and some of the purpose behind his thievery The prose sections have spare, and few, illustrations Lemire s dramatic use of watercolors dominates the comics, which generally have few words That tension between sections and media make it unique and interesting I ll have to reread all three of them together to...

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    Snyder s prose, something that we see only in tiny bits and pieces in some of his works, gets a significant number of pages in After Death Mixed with Lemire s watercolor based art and his trademark themes of loneliness and separation between lovers, After Death gives its readers a truly unique experience.This book is not for everybody I myself took a great effort to read the prose part, itching to get back again at the comic sections The fault is clearly on my part for not seeing the beauty in those words.Book two has so much backstory in it This issue bridges many gaps that has been left by the previous one, explaining what happened before death , where they are now and why the protagonist is dead serious about the listening mission Many elements are still left untouched though, things which might be fully explained in the last ...

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    Nice example of a story giving you info while adding to the mystery.

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    A mysterious and intriguing comic with a plot that keeps you interested Eagerly waiting for the conclusion of the story.

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    4.0 5.0Full disclosure I still feel totally lost with this story The writing and art are both so beautiful and compelling, however, that l m all in I remain optimistic that the third and final volume will wrap things up in a satisfying way And if the cow dies I will be crushed

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    Amazing backstory of epic thievery We also find out how people stopped dying.in a fashion.Highly recommend this

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    Es ist ein sch nes Gef hl, wenn sich im zweiten Teil Hoffnungen erf llen und Bef rchtungen von der Erz hlung zur ckgedr ngt Scott Snyder liefert weitaus mehr Einblicke, als im ersten Band versprochen wurden Einerseits wird der Erz hlstil klarer und auch besser strukturiert, wir bekommen aber auch weitaus mehr Informationen als zuvor.Die springende Handlung bleibt als vorantreibender Erz hlstil aufrecht Dieser erzeugt diesmal weitaus mehr Spannung Vor allem gegen Ende dieses Teils kommen einige Handlungsstr nge zusammen und wir treffen einen der Hauptprotagonisten der Inszenierung Diese Szene alleine hilft schon sehr noch vor Ende dieses Teils den dystopischen Aspekt zu verstehen bzw berhaupt als solchen zu erkennen Klarer werden nun auch die Memento Momente siehe Film von Christopher Nola...

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    Book Two of three It reveals a lot of background on Jonah and events leading up to finding the cure while also in the present, as Jonah is struggling with himself and the world post cure and ready to do something irreversible to change his situation.Again, this series is a combo of prose and comic Seems like the prose is the past and the c...

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    I m loving rediscovering the artistry of comics graphic novels It s helping me that Snyder includes a lot of text I m not sure if the gaps are things I ve missed, things still to come, or flaws in the story So I ll wait for the third book to make a final review of the series as a whole In the mean...

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    A medium defying book Beautiful prose and evocative art with bits of comics pages interspersed This was a joy to read I love the ideas that are played with in this book and can t wait for the conclusion to be revealed.

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