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Life in Dance British, Young, Beautiful And Exceptionally Talented, Darcey Bussell Has Crossed From The Dance World To Become A Household Name Consequently, Darcey Is Caught Up In The Media Whirl Which Surrounds All Modern Celebrities In This Candid Memoir She Talks About Her Life On And Off Stage

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    I read this book in high school and found it very inspiring as a dancer Thanks for sharing your story

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    All hail Queen Darcey

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    This was difficult to rate because I read it to learn a bitabout ballet, not because I really wanted to It was easy and interesting to read and I certainly knowabout ballet and a ballerina s life A proper dance fan would enjoy itI m sure I would be interested in her life from 1999 to now and how she s coped with having children and then retirement.

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    Clearly anyone who rises to the ranks of a prima ballerina does it with hard work, hard work and a little bithard work And Darcey Bussell does it all so charmingly She emphasises the hard parts and yet still she makes it seem to easy But that s ballet I suppose The style s a bit simpering, but I like Darcey Bussell and I ll forgive a lot from her.

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    This was an enjoyable book by my favorite ballerina If you are a dancer or fan of dance, I highly recommend it.

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    Fantastic biography made me wish I was still a ballerina

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    Darcey Bussell wrote her autobiography when she was still dancing with the Royal Ballet in London.It is an easy read The pictures are very nice.

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