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Crash and Burn (Wolves of Emerald Valley #1) Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romanctic Suspense, Shape Shifters, Werewolves, M M, HEA Alpha Werewolf Crash Left His Hometown Of Emerald Valley A Long Time Ago, Along With His Five Best Friends Now He S Back In Town To Solve A Murder, But The Town S Changed, Taken Over By A Vicious Wolf Pack Worse, His Ex And The Only Man He S Ever Loved Is About To Be Mated To Another Mark S Already Broken His Heart Once, But There Are Some Things That Can T Be Forgiven Crash Will Claim Mark, Even If That Means His Death.Omega Wolf Mark S Done All He Can To Survive, Including Stomaching A Man He Doesn T Love When Crash Returns To Town, Unresolved Feelings Return To The Surface And The Chemistry Between Them Burns As Hot As Ever Crash Swears To Never Let Mark Go Again, But Things Are Never That Simple.Will Crash Challenge An Entire Pack To Win Back His Omega

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    The six of them, Lee, Dante, Colton, Atlas, Larry, and he had made a pact a decade ago to leave bumfuck heaven behind and move on to better things Larry stayed, but Crash never did really move on I love nothing than a brand new alpha omega shifter series The blurb for Crash and Burn really appealed to me and I wanted to know why these guys made this pact, why their friendship ended up being nothing than some infrequent emails in the ten years since they left, and especially why Larry, their omega, stayed, and who murdered him I figured I had at least five books to look forward to and that always makes me happy.Crash hit a lot of my buttons right from the start He s big, snarly, is an illegal MMA cage fighter, and has bad boy written all over him Except, he s still not over Mark, the omega who broke his heart and sent him running away from Emerald Valley years before Crash is intense, brooding, loves too much, too deeply, and takes everything too seriously I was prepared to not like Mark, but that didn t last long Mark said what he said all those years ago, knowing C...

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    I m piqued enough to continue into this series.I don t quite understand that if alphas don t like to share then how are these guys able to remain friends without coming to blows And wondering what the deal ...

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