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Hamish (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor, #28) A Rescue Through Time Have You Ever Been Tempted To Sit Patiently On A Scottish Hillside To See What Or Whom The Mist Might Bring With Violin In Hand, Samantha MacKord Sets Out To Do Just That But When A Highlander Appears, She Realizes It Might Be Her Music, And Not The Mist, That Lured Him To Her Unfortunately, He S Not The Only One Who S Been ListeningHamish Farquharson Is Ready For A Holiday And A Rich Woman To Spend It With, But The Witch Isn T Thinking About His Needs Instead, She Sends Him On A Complicated Rescue Mission To Save Three Abandoned Children And In A Cruel Twist, He S Given The Perfect Woman To Protect, And The One Enemy Who Might Destroy Them All HAMISH Is 28 In The Series Most Of These Romances Can Be Read In Any Order, But First, Read The Short Set Up, THE GATHERING, To Avoid Confusion Don T Forget To Come Back And Review Them Both And Follow The Ghosts Of Culloden Moor On Facebook.

10 thoughts on “Hamish (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor, #28)

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    This is one of the most unusual books I ve ever read It is entertaining and unique with likable characters and a believable setting In fact the only thing that is difficult at all is deciding on the appropriate genre I ll go with fantasy for the time being and...

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    I wasn t sure whether I was going to enjoy this book or not I m not a favorite of ghost stories although there are a few very few that I do enjoy Surprise I enjoyed it very much Samantha has inherited two cottages in Scotland She s...

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    Found justice after allHe would never complain about anything he thought was frivolous ever again Instead he would enjoy what ever comes his way an help doing what must be done As ever a great storyline Once you start one of these books you can t put it down ti...

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    This is another good story in the Ghosts of Culloden Moor Series In this one the times switch from when King George still reigned and modern times in America with people from both centuries interacting to make a good rea...

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    Time traveling ghosties and a reincarnation of a violin player No, not his sister at all In 2015, Sam antha has inherited her grandfather s cottage and plans to live there and make a living by renting out the other cottage on ...

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    A good weekend or holiday readThis is a good light hearted read, I have enjoyed reading several books from this series While the hero s are from a very dark period of Scottish history the authors blend the facts into a modern tale I love the idea of a violin concert echoing acros...

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    The Ghosts of Culloden series If you love Highlander stories and happy endings, don t miss the chance to read any and all of these no matter which author They are wonderful

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    This is a do not miss seriesAnother home run story that could stand alone but, is far richer for being part of an amazing series If you don t know the history of Culloden Moore, this is a gentle introduction.

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    I generally love long, detailed books but this was a very nice change of pace I do not reveal spoilers so I will just say that if you like a quick paced story involving love, time travel and a cute story to bring it all together then you will really like this

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    One of my favoritesThis book is full of ghosties and I absolutely loved it Even though this is a series of short paranormal romances I really enjoy the pieces of Scottish history that filter through.

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