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By Your Heart (New York City Fixers, #3) She S Never Forgotten Him.Marissa Ratner Was Used To Fighting For Her Clients, But When The Case Involving Her Family Got Assigned To The Biggest Settlement Chaser In Her Firm, She Knew She Would Have To Be Creative To See Justice Done Even If Creative Meant Hiring Her Ex Boyfriend.He S Never Stopped Loving Her.Dean Young Told Himself And Anyone Who Asked Time And Time Again That He Was Over Marissa, But As Soon As She Walked Back Into His Life, His Certainty Started To Crumble Then She Asked Him To Help Her Family, And There Was No Way He Was Going To Say No.Neither Of Them Expects To Get A Second Chance But It May Be What They Both Need The Most.

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    This was, by far, my favourite Ally Decker book so far despite what is my least favourite of the covers, I m so sorry, but book 1 was just so pretty and this one not quite I really liked the whole trilogy the hopeful, fluffy stories about people whose problems are solvable and personalities pleasant, who all want to help each other and like each other but they were always a little short for me I wanted meat on the bones pardon the joke, what with the vegan character , development This volume is still quite short and fast paced an evening and a bit would be enough to read it, methinks but thanks to the second chance trope, which does some of the relationship heavy lifting, the characters interactions and feelings feel fleshed out and complex There is a history between those two, and their every move is weighted by it And Marissa is possibly my favourite of Ally Decker s female characters Her vulnerability and strength come through She ...

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