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Rub Me Raw (Suncoast Society, #52) Suncoast Society Series Book 52, MM, BDSM Tired Of Being An Object Instead Of A Partner, Simon Forces His Ex To Move Out After Hitting His Emotional Limit And Realizing The Man Only Wants Him For Wank Fodder An Introduction To Victor By Friends Helps Simon Shut The Mental Door On His Ex For Good And Long To Explore All The Delicious Domly Things The Handsome Realtor Wants To Do To Him.Victor Moved To Florida For A Fresh Start Far Away From His Ex He S Looking For An Open And Honest Subby Guy His Instant, Scorching Attraction To Simon Is Only Intensified By The Fact That He Can Actually Get Some Decent Sleep For The First Time In Weeks When With The Man.But Spooky Events And Shocking Revelations Force Victor To Move From His Temporary Digs And In With Simon Now, It S Make Or Break Time Can Simon Handle Victor Full Time In Full On Dom Mode, Or Will Both Men Be Rubbed Emotionally Raw Yet Again

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    This was book 52 in the Suncoast Society series Simon Hall has had it with his lying cheating self absorbed boyfriend Greg and when he gives him an ultimatum Greg is unwilling to bend so Simon kicks him out Simon wants someone to want him for him not someone who wants to watch him have sex with others Greg had some issues with body parts that only worked when other s were around Victor Dumont moved from Atlanta to Florida after breaking up with his boyfriend who was in the closet at work and had a girl has a beard Victor is a real estate agent who works in the office with Lara Simon works in admin at the hospital that Justin works at While at a barbeque at Lara and Brads house he meets Everett and Wylie and finds out that they are kinky just like him and he wants to find a kinky sub so they agree to help him by introducing him to matchmakers Simon has also agree to let Justin fix him up Victor is also having problems in his new apartment and is having a hard time sleeping When Simon and Victor meet at dinner with the gang and they both like what they see in each other They begin to date and Victor wants to take it slow The sex between these two were hot even before the kink The apartment that Victor lives in is the same apartment that June s twin sister July died in and it is haunted and it spooked Victor so much that he moved out and in with Simon Greg Simons ex has a key and has been going in and out of his townhouse and he wa...

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    What a great story of love.Just a story about two people who want to be loved and accepted Throw in a spooky night where the swear they saw something, then after some research find out the history of Victor s apartment Adding to the mix is a jealous ex boyfriend is causing trouble for the men ...

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    This book is a short and sweet addition to the Suncoast Society series Both Victor and Simon have been burned in their prior relationships When they meet one another through friends, they are instantly smitten but vow t...

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    There is weird, and there is creepy And then there is Victor and Simon, who has to wade through both, before they can have their own hea with a healthy bit of consensual weird thrown into the mix.

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    Simon and Victor have recently broken up with their exes when they meet through Suncoast Society friends Victor is a colleague of Lara s while Simon works at the same hospital as Rachel s brother Justin Victor s apartment is giving him weird vibes and Simon has a spare room so when things get really creepy, Simon offers to share his apartment with no foul if they end up not going anywhere permanent with the growing attraction between them They both have tender spots to be avoided, but things between them just keep getting better, if it weren t for all the food going missing and making Simon feel something weird is still happening Victor initially fears Simon won t be able to accept his Dominant side, but little by little, Simon convinces himself to go farther down the rabbit hole of BDSM and the Frightful Five have successfully paired yet another Suncoast Society couple What I loved most the natural way they grew closer and decided to accept rather th...

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    What a great story of just wanting to be loved Both men had been burned in the past with a relationship but both were nervous about jumping into something they didn t think they were ready for Loved it Both characters were very likeable and you could feel their emotions while reading the book Add in some surprising and creepy things and an ex boyfriend who was mentally off and you have a wonderful story for an afternoon of reading Do yourself a favor and pick this book up Tymber s books are alw...

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    I really likedit was actually I think one of my favs of this series and I have read them all Normally it always seems so serious when talking or reading BDSM but this was full of humor.

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    Could not stop until I finished it Excellent read.

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    This is another great story in the series We meet Simon and Victor as they get to know each other after they have each had bad relationships We run in to old friends from previous books I loved to see these two guys fall for each other even through the strange goings on in ea...

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    Possible spoiler alertTotally fabulous, as most of Tymber Dalton s work is Simon sweet, lovable and totally fed up with his boyfriend who quickly turns into an ex at the beginning of the book He is willing to explore the kinky side of things because he never associates what his ex boyfriend did to him with BDSM Victor not so sweet he s a dom after all LOL , lovable and through with guys who are in the closet so deep there s no sun shining on them and guys who cheat, like his most recent ex He is a sadistic dominant who is also into sexual sadism, he s the BEST type of dom to have, one that is kind and caring but decisive and sneaky in a good way Through the haunted apartment and the creepy ex boyfriend, Simon and Victor have this AMAZING chemistry, kind of like Jesse and Leo from Vulnerable Tilly s matchmaker committee vet and sign off on this...

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