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Practical SQL Practical SQL Is An Approachable And Fast Paced Guide To SQL Structured Query Language , The Standard Programming Language For Defining, Organizing, And Exploring Data In Relational Databases The Book Focuses On Using SQL To Find The Story Your Data Tells, With The Popular Open Source Database PostgreSQL And The PgAdmin Interface As Its Primary Tools.You Ll First Cover The Fundamentals Of Databases And The SQL Language, Then Build Skills By Analyzing Data From The U.S Census And Other Federal And State Government Agencies With Exercises And Real World Examples In Each Chapter, This Book Will Teach Even Those Who Have Never Programmed Before All The Tools Necessary To Build Powerful Databases And Access Information Quickly And Efficiently.You Ll Learn How To Create Databases And Related Tables Using Your Own Data Define The Right Data Types For Your Information Aggregate, Sort, And Filter Data To Find Patterns Use Basic Math And Advanced Statistical Functions Identify Errors In Data And Clean Them Up Import And Export Data Using Delimited Text Files Write Queries For Geographic Information Systems GIS Create Advanced Queries And Automate Tasks Learning SQL Doesn T Have To Be Dry And Complicated Practical SQL Delivers Clear Examples With An Easy To Follow Approach To Teach You The Tools You Need To Build And Manage Your Own Databases This Book Uses PostgreSQL, But The SQL Syntax Is Applicable To Many Database Applications, Including Microsoft SQL Server And MySQL.

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    So I ve been taking a sql for data science course on coursera and I used this book heavily to fill in some of the cracks in the course The book is portentous at times but mostly enjoyable, presented as a cookbook than a textbook Take for instance chapter six, the two page section entitled Using NULL to Find Rows with Missing Values I found that to be an incredibly us...

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    Very great starting point into SQL and a solid refresher.I would recommend this book to anyone looking to begin using SQL to work with relational databases, or someone who would like a refresher on some ...

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    A thorough and in depth intro to SQL

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    In order to develop into a new position at work, I needed to learn SQL to be qualified for the job Lynda.com and W3Schools provide lessons on SQL However, these online resources can have holes in their bodies of knowledge in addition to not flowing in the most logical manner.Practical SQL is a beginner s guide to SQL but not to coding The biggest challenge that I found in this book was trying to install PostgreSQL, the program that allows one to run a database on their computer After two days of trying, I failed Instead of abandoning the book since I couldn t follow along with the exercises, I just read everything to get the big picture concept of SQL.The big positive about this book is that it ties different ideas together and does a nice job of explaining the what and the how behind the code The Lynda.com tutorial that I found on the Join command was only two minutes long, rushed through the concept, and assumed that you had knowledge about SQL coding than a beginner i.e me would After reading the chapter on Joins in this book, I have a better understanding of the coding.There are a plethora of real world examples to learn the basics of SQL in this book However, about halfway through, the difficulty of the material really starts to ramp up and leads to discussions about integrating your SQL ...

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    between 3 and 4 Very PostgreSQL oriented For beginners.

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