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One Glass is Never Enough Three Women, One Bar, And Three Different Reasons For Buying It Single Mother Sarah Needs A Home For Her Children, Claire S An Ambitious Business Woman For Wealthy Gaynor, Greens Wine Bar Is Another Amusement, Or Is It On The Surface, Gaynor Has It All Money, Looks, A Beautiful Home In The Picturesque Seaside Town Of Broadstairs, And Victor Her Generous, Successful Husband But While Sarah Longs For Love And Claire Is Making Money, Gaynor Wants Answers Why Does Victor Behave Strangely And Who Does He See On His Frequent Trips Away Who Makes Threatening Phone Calls Sam Strong And Silent With A Hidden Past Becomes An Unlikely Friend But Nobody Is What They Seem In This Tale Of Love, Loss And Betrayal.

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    I had to really sit down and take a deep breath before writing this review.Maybe I needed a few drinks before reading this and I would have liked it I honestly have to say that this book was seriously one of the worst books I have read in a very long time I do not know where to start First, the paragraphs had me so confused because one moment it would be talking about one character and the next here we were in conversation with two different characters This book is about three women who are very different and hardly know each other, but decide to open a wine bar together There is everything from a husband who likes to dress as a woman, a psychotic brother, a depressed man, a single mom with three bad kids, a woman who only cries for her dogs, a pill popper, and a crazy ex girlfriend This book was way to left field for me Now, the only reason I did give the book one star besides the f...

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    I found the story and characters to be relatively interesting Unfortunately, it was in DIRE need of editing I m not sure if the issue was a formatting failure as it appeared on my Kindle, or if the problem was inherent in the book, but at points it was nearly impossible to follow because the point of view changed nearly every other paragraph at times with no indication that suddenly you were reading about someone else, somewhere else, somewhen else It was confusing and brok...

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    Sorry, it is just one star as I found this book very difficult to read because of the sudden switches of scenery and characters which were not marked in any way i.e as you are reading about one character t...

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    I quite liked this book and am glad I stayed until the end I came close to giving up a couple of times Like a lot of others here, I found the plot shifts difficult to come to terms with, until I realised that there was a spare line between each However, the formatting of the story, with its overly crowded pages and odd line breaks, meant that these extra lines were not always obvious I don t know enough about e publishing to be aware of whether this is a problem with the author or with the platform on which it is uploaded I suspect that if the formatting had not been an issue, I would have had no problems giving this four stars.I loved the character development All of these characters had some depth However, I didn t particularly identify with any of them There were moments of clear understanding but then another chasm would yawn When reading a book, sometimes it is nice to be able to substitute yourself into a character s position, but you usually need, at least, to feel that you would like to be friends Of these ladies, only Sara touched on that, but I felt that I would like to know her before allying myself to her Sam, I loved, but I am not sure that such a patient man exists Lol.What I did not appreciate was the bagging of Australian wines The comments on wine were often pretentious and ill informed Funny how sometimes it is a little thing that works against an author To be fair there is far too much about alcohol in the story ok, it is set in a win...

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    I loved reading this book Three women, one bar and three different reasons for buying it Single mother Sarah needs a home for her children, Claire s an ambitious business woman For wealthy Gaynor the wine bar is just one amusement Or Is it The three women had opened Greens wine bar with freshly stripped floor boards and newly painted Claire and Sarah spent hours poring over recipe books On their big ...

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    A readable chick lit book about 3 girls running a bar Not sure whether it was the digital copy or the actual book but it jumped around the place Ie no lines between scene changes, confusing direct speech Had to re read to see which character was doing the talking Predicted all the twists and a pre...

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    The business of ownership of a bar brings three different women together Set in a seaside town the story covers the trials and tribulations of their lives, work as well as those around them A good companion to relax with Enjoyable and amusing.

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    One glass is never enough by hand Denham jones I liked this book very much it has some twists,humour,romance,and it was fun really good light entertainment I think it will suit any age gap

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    When I started this book I wondered if I was going to finish it as I thought it was slow but I never like to give up on a book and I read it to the end I did get better though U guessed most of the plot A fair chick read though lacking in imagination.

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    Pop the corks for this bookA clever story, who would have thought a wine bar restaurant would be so interesting Well it was, the characters came to life and the story blended beautifully A really good read

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