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Nate And The New Yorker (Nate and Cameron, #1) Nate Once Had The Love Of His Life, But He S Met Cameron, A New York Millionaire With An Eccentric Cross Dressing Butler Cameron Is Keen To Share His World Of Classy Restaurants, Broadway Shows, And Fabulous Parties, And While Nate S Friends See The Makings Of A Fantasy Romance, It S Nate Who Has To Learn How To Open His Heart Again But Is Cameron Simply Second Best

  • 102 pages
  • Nate And The New Yorker (Nate and Cameron, #1)
  • Kevin Klehr
  • English
  • 03 January 2019

About the Author: Kevin Klehr

Kevin is the author of a number of books including the Actors and Angels series and the Nate and Cameron Collection.The Actors and Angels series are three comedies about theatre in the Afterlife, where two friends explore their love for each other through several lifetimes with the help of a gay angel The third in the series scored a Rainbow Award for Best Gay Alternative Universe Reality novel.T

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    My suggestion is not to read blurbs or reviews on this Just read it It s better that way and wow, is it good.

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    Nate and the New Yorker is a short novel, it is why I am not going to talk about the story itself, except the fact, that the plot provides a good basis for a typical MM Romance with paranormal elements, that COULD deliver totally different kind of books depending on the interpretation of the starting material The story COULD have been longer with a bit erotica in it or it could have been serious, though I personally consider exactly the witty writing style as a winner for this short novel.So let talk about what was good and what not so good here for me What I liked I enjoyed Kevin Klehr s easygoing writing style and his humour This novel has a perfect length for my taste All characters are a bit over eccentric In other kind of story it COULD be annoying, but here it matches with a story harmonically, and gives it something special I loved the first part of the book, but maybe because of my reading preferences What could be better Sex scenes Yes, I understand that SEX wasn t supposed to be the main focus of the story, but after such promising remarks like He was ready for worship With one masterful stroke, I could unzip his manhood and give it breathing space or You have techniques that could make a gigolo blush not to give us, readers, a single SEX scene, was MEAN Maybe it is the...

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    This book felt rushed to me, and it didn t work for me Nathan Nate from the title is from Sydney, Australia, and traveling Europe with his friends co workers, when he comes across Cameron Lust burns hot and heavy between the men, and Cameron leaves Nathan with an invitation to visit him in New York Upon returning to Australia, Nate decides to take Cameron up on the offer, to some degree at the prodding of his friends who see Cameron as Nathan s fantasy romance come true.To some degree, this book felt OTT, as we find out about Cameron and his ever present butler, and Nathan feels overwhelmed and out of his league in the art galleries and fancy restaurants Cameron drags him too Cameron is of a dreamer, a lover, someone who freely gives his heart away, whereas Nathan is a realist, who s also still smarting and somewhat bitter from previous heartache Their differences are very clear from the get go, and that was fine with me opposites attract is a fabulous trope , but then the book veered into total OTT, and that just didn t work for me Maybe I m just not getting what this book is...

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    Nate and two best friends are ending their trip thru Europe when Nate finds himself in the arms of Cameron a rich American just in Prague for a quick visit The two men quickly hit it off, but are almost just as quickly separated since both are due back home not even a day after meeting Cameron, not being use to being denied what he wants, contacts Nate and asks him to fly over to New York from Nate s home in Australia But even though they like each other, Nate can t see how a relationship between them could ever work Even with the meddling of a cross dressing butler.When I started this book I was really enjoying it The dialogue was snappy and fun, and I found Nate and Cameron to be charming Even Nate s reticence to take Cameron s gifts was understandable, though I must be honest if some cute dude wanted to shower me with gifts I d be all over that I m perpetually broke like that.However Nate has principles No shame in that.But around half way thru this story things got to be a bit weird.Cameron and his aunt got crazy levels of upset ...

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    I had planned to read Kevin s story before the spotlight feature I did with him, but relocating to the USA again put paid to that I read the story on the plane to Washington that s close enough to NYC.I think the two ...

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    Full review available at originally decided to read this book because it had a catchy blurb The blurb promised a light comedic read, and that was what I was expecting, and so I requested an ARC copy to read and review However, after requesting the ARC, I read the other reviews on the NineStar Press webpage, and so I was aware that this book s actually a bait and switch That the book isn t a comedy like I was hoping for but instead a tear jerker The reviews were still raving about how excellent the book was so I gave it a chance The story was beautiful and full of feels, and the author s a master at making you feel everything his characters are feeling and going through This story s about a man Nathan that has his heart broken, has dealt with it and is at the point in his life where he thinks he s ready to move on.And yes, the reviewers were all right Lots of ugly crying did ensue, and I would recommend reading with a box of tissues at the ready Especially as you get toward the end of the book and the big secret reveal And for a fun twist if you are feeling really brave and want to cry , reread the book after finding out the big secret reveal and see how man...

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    Don t know what to think about this book Oh, crap How Am I going to review it Don t even knowIt s a mystery.

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    This is my review of Nate and The New Yorker, by Kevin Klehr, from my M M Romance Books Blog, OJ He Say Click the links below to see the whole review and . Nate and The New YorkerRating 4.5 starsBLURBCameron has it all He s rich, lives in Manhattan, and even has a cross dressing butler But then he meets Nate, an Australian who s bitter about love Cameron is determined to turn this realist into a dreamer by sharing his world of classy restaurants, Broadway shows and fabulous parties And while Nate s friends see the makings of a fantasy romance, it s Nate who has to learn that in order to open his heart, he has to face a painful secret.Nate and The New YorkerDid a book ever call out to you because of the blurb and then you pick it up and it turns out way different in a strikingly good way Well, this is what happened to me with Nate and The New Yorker Talk about an awesome experience I read the blurb and I thought cute, it ll make some nice, easy summer reading Well, let me tell you At first I felt it was kind of slow and then quickly the story kicks into high gear and I literally couldn t put it down The twists and turns, the rich characters, the rich food, and the surprise about the surprising ex Yeah, you really need to read this one I ve found a new author to follow.THE CHARACTERSNathan Handsome Nathan, who still pines for his ex that he misses dearly, is the down to earth realist and self sufficient man that captures Cameron s fancy while on a va...

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    This is a short, sweet and fun read I found it had a good blend of the cat and mouse chase, wooing and fun romance Plus, the two didn t just fall straight in love and have a happily ever after Just like real life, they had issues and their past to deal with before they could feel the real love they have the potential to experience.I liked that the two characters were similar in many way, but we re also very different Their similarities opened up the possibility of them being s good match Their differences allowed for a bit of mystery and challenge They had enough different to really make them separate and very real people For the length of the story, the detail is really good The author doesn t go fully in depth, but gives us enough to feel we have gotten to know them and can connect with them and their story The pace was great for the length It had swifter mom...

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    I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Jeeves and Wooster for the 21st century This unusual story took me by surprise It starts simply a backpacking Aussie meets a wealthy American in Europe But once the author adds in a cross dressing butler, supernatural intervention and a clutch of increasingly eccentric characters, my mind was spinning Overall, I enjoyed the humour in this story but I didn t engage at all with the romance Nate is the least interesting character in the book and I found his indecisive moping a little tiresome The witty conversations between characters are wonderful, but despite pages of suggestive banter, there is no sex on page I don t need sex scenes for a romance to work but the lack of actual sex is just odd in such a sexualised story.This is a short story At its best it is a fun and playful story For me, the only off note was Nate s darker emotions as his past secrets are revealed It might hav...

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