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[Ebook] Gideon the Ninth By Tamsyn Muir – Capitalsoftworks.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • Gideon the Ninth
  • Tamsyn Muir
  • English
  • 14 August 2017
  • 9781250313195

Gideon the Ninth Gideon The Ninth Is The Most Fun You Ll Ever Have With A Skeleton.The Emperor Needs Necromancers.The Ninth Necromancer Needs A Swordswoman.Gideon Has A Sword, Some Dirty Magazines, And No Time For Undead Bullshit.Tamsyn Muir S Gideon The Ninth Unveils A Solar System Of Swordplay, Cut Throat Politics, And Lesbian Necromancers Her Characters Leap Off The Page, As Skillfully Animated As Necromantic Skeletons The Result Is A Heart Pounding Epic Science Fantasy.Brought Up By Unfriendly, Ossifying Nuns, Ancient Retainers, And Countless Skeletons, Gideon Is Ready To Abandon A Life Of Servitude And An Afterlife As A Reanimated Corpse She Packs Up Her Sword, Her Shoes, And Her Dirty Magazines, And Prepares To Launch Her Daring Escape But Her Childhood Nemesis Won T Set Her Free Without A Service.Harrowhark Nonagesimus, Reverend Daughter Of The Ninth House And Bone Witch Extraordinaire, Has Been Summoned Into Action The Emperor Has Invited The Heirs To Each Of His Loyal Houses To A Deadly Trial Of Wits And Skill If Harrowhark Succeeds She Will Become An Immortal, All Powerful Servant Of The Resurrection, But No Necromancer Can Ascend Without Their Cavalier Without Gideon S Sword, Harrow Will Fail, And The Ninth House Will Die.Of Course, Some Things Are Better Left Dead.

About the Author: Tamsyn Muir

Tamsyn Muir is a horror, fantasy and sci fi author whose short fiction has been nominated for the Nebula Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, the World Fantasy Award and the Eugie Foster Memorial Award A Kiwi, she has spent most of her life in Howick, New Zealand, with time living in Waiuku and central Wellington She currently lives and works in Oxford, in the United Kingdom Her debut science fant

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    What greater debt could be accrued than that of being brought up There s an invisible collar rested around Gideon Nav s throat, its leash leading back to the Ninth House, the claws of its heir fastened tight in her flesh.Harrowhark Nonagesimus, the sole daughter and secret ruler of the Ninth and Gideon Nav s executioner by increment , wore her destiny like a noose She kept the frailty of her house guarded, locked down, putting up a masterly front, but a chance at competing for the prestigous role of Lyctor is the only way to save the Ninth from careening into a fearful darkness It was a last resort, and one the necromancer couldn t consider without Gideon Nav s wiliness to fill the role of her cavalier.Freedom stood unshackled in the bloodied light of Harrow s coercive offer, and Gideon felt its lure like a hook behind her heart She would serve as Harrow s bodyguard in the trials, and then flit out the Ninth like a loosed bird Gideon would no longer waste the years of her life as an outsider, inside doomed to grim survival in a world that wasn t her own.But once summoned to the decaying Canaan House where the trials are held, the heirs of the nine houses find themselves confounded, given only the barest scrapings of information about the competition, tied to a stake and baited before they embarked on the wretched business of being murdered one by one Gideon and Harrow must fight back against the shadowy machinations of those who wished to sever their existence from the world before the Canaan House becomes a slaughter yard The you struggle against the Ninth, Nav, the deeper it takes you the louder you curse it, the louder they ll have you scream You don t really know how high your hopes have been until you watch them plummeting earthward, and you grappling around in the wreckage Gideon the Ninth snagged at my attention, and I was beguiled by the promise of an atmospheric, Gothic flavored chiller, packed with catacombs and sarcophagi, resurrections and revelations, fantasy and horror Unfortunately, the novel s allure faded into the sky unmarked within the first few chapters.Gideon the Ninth gets off to an uneven start We are immediately faced with thickets of unexplained jargon so dense it was difficult to find the other side, and it was like guttering around in the dark, with ink poured in your eyes For a while, I waited for the dangling threads and wandering pieces of the story to be shepherded into a straight line, as confidently as Dr Watson observing the actions of his prodigious friend, but my continuous attempts at making sense of Gideon the Ninth became blighted, abortive things.For one, the worldbuilding is thin, and my imagining of it was worn and tattered with holes, like a mouse chewed cloth The novel is not particularly cogent, or focused, or informative about the actual setting, and I was confused, as though I d walked in on the middle of the wrong movie The explanation of the different planets and the different castes and people who inhabit them is blurred to insignificance Some micro flaws in the logic also feel sloppy there are copious pop culture references to Mean Girls and The Office but, oddly, some characters don t even know what a sink is.It s not until a little over halfway through when the many strands of the narrative are held together by the unfolding closed circle mystery that my interest begun to stir again, feebly The whodunit becomes the driving force of the novel, with conflicts coming to a head and silent tensions finally boiling over What seemed at first to be a random patchwork coalesces into a grander, madder pattern, and I felt like a lost sailor suddenly handed a compass If Gideon the Ninth had stuck to this relatively straightforward plot from the beginning, it would have made for a solid, winning read But the plot comes too late, and by then, I was so bored I barely managed to squint the words into focus.To the author s credit, they write Gideon s inner and outer dialogue with flair, but mostly skimp on showing in favor of telling Gideon s voice feels conspicuously flat at points, particularly in her stilted banter or maybe her sense of humor just doesn t jell well with mine , and in her contribution to the book s larger arguments, which are very few As Gideon and Harrow s journey becomes stranger, so does the novel s voluminous cast of characters, most of whom only show up when most convenient, their personal conflicts relatively slight Not that these characters aren t arresting enough to warrant books of their own, because they are Unfortunately, that only underscores how really underdeveloped Gideon is.What saves the book, however, is the ultimate, bloodcurdling conclusion that is as sickeningly satisfying as it is opportune I m also a sucker for the enemies to lovers trope, and this book knew just which buttons to push Harrow and Gideon s relationship is a pickled thing, as though it d been preserved in vinegar, only to be pulled out to act as garnish to their artfully plated arrangement to be Necromancer and Cavalier The tension between them is a constantly low simmering fire one errant breath of wind could fan it and I snatched hungrily at those scattered moments between them.Gideon the Ninth was pitched to me as queer necromancers in space , giving me a bellyful of false hope It s not exactly an inaccurate claim just rather flimsy There are necromancers, Gideon is most definitely queer, the space part leaves much to be desired still I wish I haven t rested my expectations upon such a beguiling premise wishlist blog twitter tumblr

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    ARC provided by Tor in exchange for an honest review. The you struggle against the Ninth, Nav, the deeper it takes you the louder you curse it, the louder they ll have you scream Hi, my name is Melanie, and this was a really hard review to write for many reasons First, I think I have hyped this book for all of 2019, and I have been very vocal about it being my favorite book of the year, and the best debut I ve ever had the privilege of reading Next, how do you write a review on the book of your heart The book that feels like it was crafted for you The book that has lit up the darkest places of your soul It s hard, friends Truly Lastly, I know nothing I say here will do this book justice But I suppose I should give it a try regardless, aye Gideon the Ninth is a book about a swordfighter named Gideon who is my favorite literary character of all time Gideon is so witty, so funny, so charming, and such a thorn in Harrowhark s side Harrowhark is a necromancer, while also being the main ruler of the Ninth s planet Both of these characters are harboring a few secrets of their own, but they are both so unsure of their pasts and their futures for so very many reasons.That is, until one day the Emperor has invited all eight necromancer heirs, from all eight loyal Houses, to compete in unknown trails to possibly ascend into something that will make them immortal, but the costs of losing can very well be their lives No necromancer can compete without a skilled cavalier by their side, and Harrowhark has no choice but to get Gideon to help her and save the future of the Ninth House You are the honoured heirs and guardians of the eight Houses Great duties await you If you do not find yourself a galaxy, it is not so bad to find yourself a star, nor to have the Emperor know that the both of you attempted this great ordeal But once Gideon and Harrowhark arrive on the Emperor s planet, they soon realize that the tasks are going to be much mysterious and much difficult than anyone could have predicted Especially when cavaliers and necromancers from the other houses start getting murdered Gideon is not only tasked to help Harrowhark, she also has to ensure that she keeps breathing herself, while also trying to figure out who is doing the unspeakable things to other competitors.Tamsyn then leads us on this beautiful adventure, where twist after twist occurs so seamlessly that you can t help but feel completely enthralled The writing is so beautiful, so intelligent, and so very impressive And the way the entire story is told is so very transportive I mean, this book has one of the scariest settings I ve read all year, but I felt like I was right there battling for my life, with a goofy smile on my face And the atmosphere and constant chill while reading It s unparalleled and truly an experience like no other Maybe it s that I find the idea comforting that thousands of years after you re gone is when you really live That your echo is louder than your voice I love this book for many reasons, but I also love it because it s over the top, and has so many one liners, and it s painfully romantic, and the girl gets the girl at the end And it s what s I ve been waiting my whole reading life for This is a better, and way unique, and 100% impressive version of what straight, white dudes have been publishing in SFF forever I keep seeing people say that they feel this book is too confusing, the characters too over the top, and the world too complex, but I just don t feel that way at all This is the story my sapphic loving heart has been searching for in epic fantasy my whole life Gideon the Ninth is my queer, literary loving heart s anthem, and I plan to play it on repeat forever.This book has the best enemies to lovers romance I ve ever read in all of my years Yeah, you read that right In my whole freaking life, this is my favorite I m talking OTP for the rest of my days I didn t exist before this ship sailed in this first book And this book also has such a central theme of trust, and what it means to put your trust in another Also, what it means to be trustful, and the privilege of having someone put their trust in you, unconditionally And this book also has an amazing discussion on power dynamics and imbalances, and how important it is to be aware of these things while putting your trust in yourself and in someone else, simultaneously You are my only friend I am undone without you Overall, this really just felt like the book I ve been waiting my own personal eternity for This felt like the book of my dreams and my hopes All I want is ownvoices queer books, with f f relationships, with cutthroat girls putting themselves first, but allowing themselves to be vulnerable enough to maybe let someone else get to see a softer side of them Almost like I ve been reviewing books for five years now, preparing myself to read and review Gideon the Ninth, even though I know no word combination or sentence structure I could ever come up with could do it justice for this story Basically, I know this book isn t going to be for everyone, but if you feel like you have similar reading taste to me, then I implore you to give this one a try I mean, if the tagline Lesbian Necromancers in Space isn t going to sell you, hopefully my emotional, bleeding heart self can This book means everything to me, and I hope you enjoy if you pick it up.Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.Content and Trigger Warnings graphic violence, gore, murder, mass murder, human sacrifice, many conversations about suicide, death, death of children, talk of depression, grief depiction, trauma depiction, loss of a loved one, lots of blood depiction, self harm to get blood, and mentions of cancer.Also, I was so blessed, and I was able to meet Tamsyn at BookExpo and she is honestly the sweetest necromancer in the world, and she truly made my entire convention

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    ARC Review copy provided by the publisher Tor.com in exchange for an honest review. Gideon the Ninth is a damn fine example of why readers reviews are incredibly important If you have been active on bookish social media, you should know by now that Gideon the Ninth, Tamsyn Muir s debut and the first installment in The Locked Tomb or The Ninth House in the past Trilogy, has been tor.com s most hyped book of the year The buzz and praise for Gideon the Ninth has been immense to say the least Knowing nothing other than the fact that Lesbian necromancers in space was stamped on the front of the gorgeous cover art illustrated by Tommy Arnold , I gave the ARC a try a few months ago only to find myself disappointed by how much it didn t work for me back then If I may be brutally honest, I DNFed the novel around 120 pages in on my first read through Since then, readers reviews have started pouring in, usually resulting in absolute love or disappointment there s almost no in between But there s one common consensus shared by both factions the second half improved significantly After receiving another copy of this book, a limited edition with black sprayed edges and many goodies, it was only fair that I give it one try The result I enjoyed it remarkably than I did on my first try I truly believe that knowing the right things to expect out of this book ahead of reading it will improve the reader s enjoyment so much Picture The book and the goodies I received Gideon Nav or Gideon the Ninth prepares to escape again but she can t do it without doing one last service for her childhood nemesis Harrowhark Nonagesimus The Emperor of the First House has sent an invitation to all the heirs of each one of his Houses to attend a trial of wit and skill the winner will become a Lyctor an immortal and a direct all powerful servant of the Emperor Each heir needs a cavalier, a bodyguard, to help them win the trial and this is where Gideon comes in, serving as Harrow s cavalier Gideon the Ninth isn t an easy book for me to review because of the opposite reaction I had in the reading experience of the first half and the second half Several readers myself included have mentioned that the first half of the book was difficult to get through and I really can t blame them In my opinion, the first half was a struggle to read because of how annoying and tiring Gideon s voice can be to read, which became even intolerable when the vow of silence was put on Gideon by Harrow and Harrow herself wasn t in the scenes to act as a counterbalance against Gideon s attitudes for almost 100 pages Gideon acted and talked like a juvenile trying way too hard to be funny and edgy and it became annoying quickly The side characters excluding Harrow also took a while to remember and warm up to Please remember that there s a character glossary at the beginning of the book to help you remember who s who easily put it to good use But here s the important thing, these minor complaints from me, somehow, existed only within the first half the second half turned the book completely around and headed into a significantly better direction for me I honestly didn t think a turnaround was possible However, once the story entered Act 3, and the genre shifted to a murder mystery, I found every single aspect of the book so much better to read Gideon the Ninth is a bizarre book that doesn t fall into one specific genre properly it s like a hybrid between sci fi, fantasy, and mystery I highly enjoyed reading the second half of Gideon the Ninth, because the murder mysteries elements were captivating, Muir s prose became much easier to follow, the action sequences were awesome, and most importantly the character development especially for Gideon and Harrow was terrific A huge part of why the sudden positive change in reading enjoyment was possible is due to Harrow s role in the story I loved Harrow and personally think she s a much better character than Gideon What made this even incredible is that Harrow doesn t even have a POV to follow the narrative was told entirely from Gideon s perspective and yet, Harrow stole the spotlight for me Anyone can learn to fight Hardly anyone learns to think Also, I have to give tons of praise to Muir s imaginative action scenes The deathly army of bones and visceral swordplay unleashed throughout the novel were darkly delightful to read, but the final 40 pages exceeded everything that came before it was simply glorious I m not kidding, a maelstrom of bones, gripping revelations, and cinematic scenes full of twists and turns, flashy swordplay, and extraordinary necromancy created a memorable final sequence that made me incredibly excited to continue to the next book as soon as possible I want to read of this necromantic whirlwind Picture Construct by Tommy Arnold As you can probably guess, I have a contrasting opinion regarding the first and second halves of the novel However, and this is very important, it s worth noting that the superbly thrilling second half won admiration and my utmost interest to continue to the sequel, Harrow the Ninth, which obviously will feature Harrow yay as the main focus of the story Imbued with intriguing mysteries, terrifically written swordplay, explosive final sequences, and a lasting impression, needless to say Gideon the Ninth has become one of the most original SFF debuts I ve read so far It s bizarre, complex, imaginative, genres defying, and distinctively memorable I am very much looking forward to reading the continuation of Muir s imagination in Harrow the Ninth.You can order the book from UK US Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

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    NOW AVAILABLE You want to fight it Yep Because it looked a little like swords Yop okay so usually when i write a review, i am writing it for some nameless, faceless reader who is deciding whether or not to read a book and looking for some information to help them make that decision, so i ll do the whole plot point, pull quote thing giving an overview of the book so they know what to expect, to know if it s their kind of thing or not those are the reviews i find the most helpful to me, so that s what i put out there this time just, no there s no way i can explain the premise of this book i envy and respect anyone who attempts it, but i can t be that girl this time this book is a lot it s got a ton of characters, a complexly constructed world, and a genre mash made up of space opera, murder mystery, horror, and whatever the literary term is for where it s like a magic and science based scavenger hunt at the olympics, but where some people are expected to die i m not gonna lie, i got lost a couple of times helpful dramatis personae pages are helpful but i would also suggest you bookmark the page where the characters gather for the first time, to memory refresh the personality details of the eighteen competitors, because some of them got blurry for me there are a lot of working parts here, and the worldbuilding is thick, but like the House of the First itself, it s a little bit ramshackle, with unexplained bits and leftover pieces but just go with it, plow right into the whole bone cladded thicket of it, because it s a romp of a book, and it s propulsive enough to carry you through the story without understanding every little thing in fact, the lingering mysteries will only add to your appreciation it s a ridiculously fun book, sad and funny and irreverent and suspenseful, with all the dramatically satisfying themes of honor and heroism, loyalty and betrayal, piloted by gideon, a snarky firecracker of a heroine who declares that s what she said, not once, but TWICE, which is to me the height of comedy and a phrase certain to win my love try it, you ll like it i m already hungering for books 2 and 3 oh, and someone give danny elfman a copy of this book and, since you re already there, tell him i need an oingo boingo reunion tour thank you, i DID okay, let s do this my stack of books i am drooling over and need to read immediately is the cursiest blessingcome to my blog

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    Well, I finished If nothing else, at least I received closure that it wasn t the timing that was off for me surrounding this story I could go through a long list of why this book didn t work for me, but instead I ll just leave it at that, it didn t work for me Chaima wrote a fantastic review that expresses my thoughts 100% HERE, so if you d like an alternative, unpopular opinion that is well written and fairly offered, please check it out Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    the blurb of this quite literally contains the phrase lesbian necromancers like thanks Tor you know you re the only publisher I trust any

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    I cannot actually believe my hands declared their independence from the auto control of my brain and gave 3.5 stars and rounded it down to three stars I can shout at my hands and tell them they are ungrateful They should have clapped this author s creativity for this controversial, unique, fantastic plot and good characterization but well, my hands made the right decision You know why Okay keep reading and stop yawning in front of me I already started my happy dance and dropped this book several times as I performed Travolta s classic hip and point move because I started one of the most anticipated books of the year and it deserved to be celebrated with my over exaggerated dance moves at least I gave an quiet amazing show to the neighbor s kids who got bored from their Fifa tournaments on play station How can you resist to a plot about necromancers and well rounded, intriguing badass heroine characters But when I started to flip pages, my thoughts completely changed I read 150 pages Nothing happened I treated this book as patient as I could I m aries, patience is not my best virtue and I read 50 pages Nada Another 50 pages Still nothing I started to think maybe Jerry Seinfield used a different pen name and wrote this book about nothingness as he d done with his TV show Seinfield Well 50 pages later Still nothing happened and I cuddled with the book and took a break because I got also lost with the technical terms of the book I even tried to order a dictionary about necromancers to understand their terminology But no publishing companies released this useful source I also had hard time to understand true natures, attributes, motives, back stories of characters because they were 15 There are nine houses and I prepared schematic to match the characters with its houses like I d done with the time tables of character s aging when I was watching enigmatic German Netflix series named Dark I was so bored and suffering from lack of energy I couldn t even lift my glass so my husband helped me drink my Chardonnay with a straw I know, I disgusted with myself, too And after 300 pages later, something magically happened THE STORY S PACE SUDDENLY FASTENED The story turned into a great combination of space opera, thriller, mystery and sci fi It was sad, funny some parts are too edgy, gothic and irritating Actually I appreciated writer s effort to create this amazing and extraordinary concept However the creativity and visualization defeated by complex, long, slow paced writing and unlikable characters Especially heroine acted so immature and annoying little brat who deserved my tones of slaps If it wasn t for the first 300 torture, I could give this book 5 stars for the author s success to bring out something different, shiny, capturing, special but in my opinion, book was needed reductions and polishing of characterizations before the release date I still enjoyed so many parts but I felt like I watched three times the first 28 minutes of Saving Private Ryan I got really exhausted as if I ran 10K marathon or 10 bottle Chardonnay drinkathon Intentions, originality, high efforts of the author but maybe I lately read too long books and my timing was not right to start something needs to much energy, concentration So unfortunately this one didn t work for me,too.

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    This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book PrescriptionARC provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review D Two is for discipline, heedless of trial Three for the gleam of a jewel or a smile Four for fidelity, facing ahead Five for tradition and debts to the dead Six for the truth over solace in lies Seven for beauty that blossoms and dies Eight for salvation no matter the cost Nine for the Tomb, and for all that was lost I am pretty sure this will be a huge hit when it is out I can already see the Which House do you belong to quizzes, people getting tattoos according to their house and quotes being shared too I developed a hunch over the last 4 years of which books work and which don t And although this one did not work for me, it will for many readers That s why you may want to take this review with a grain of salt Here is some salt to do so So let me get straight to the point, what determines whether you like this book or not is the writing style A friend who I BR this was He s a real expert at Fantasy could not relate to the story and DNF it early I did not like it either but it was not bad as to make me DNF so I pushed through and after 300 pages, I could finally get into the story If you like the writing style from the start then I assure you that it will be a very fun ride.Also is this supposed to be funny I saw some attempts at that and knew I was supposed to laugh but I just didn t I don t easily laugh but I didn t even smile I can see some readers laughing so that should be good The characters were also hard to relate to for me, I did care about a couple of characters and at the end I did care about the MC somehow There are 9 houses and hence the name of the series and in each house there are at least 2 characters That means a lot of characters I appreciate the glossary at the beginning containing all the houses and characters in them, if it was not there then I would have DNF it from confusion There is something that I would have done if I were the editor of this book and that is consistently using the name or family name of characters and not just throwing them randomly I mean there are over 15 characters and when the characters suddenly decide to use the family name I was confused AF and had to keep going back and forth between the glossary and the page I am reading The plot however was good and I don t think I have ever read a book with necromancers so it was a good and new experience, I have to admit that I was confused about some technical terms and about some scenes but after page 300, I was invested in the story and read it in a whole new spirit Summary Despite all the negative things I said, I really appreciate that the effort that was taken to write this book as it did show from the cover till the last page I can say that the first 300 Pages were not the best but after that I really enjoyed it and my rating actually approached 4 stars but I could not ignore the first 300 mentioned pages and decided to go for a rating in between I am currently interested in the second book after thinking about this for a few days so I might actually give it a chance I also think that many readers will like it so don t let this review discourage you The first few chapter are available online for free as I recall, try reading them and if you liked them then you will LOVE this My first buddy with King Petrik of the House Leo, the First of His Name, King of Fantasy and the First Reviewers, The rightful king of the Seven Genres and Protector of the Books, Petrik of novel notions, Breaker of ARCs, Father of Dragons and regent of Goodreads

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    I ve been sitting on this DNF for a couple months now For those of you who are avid YouTube watchers of mine, you know I could not get through this book I wasn t going to rate it but I feel SO strongly about this 1 star rating This book suffers from the Tor hype as did The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons which I also highly disliked The writing is a mess Characters names are neiowhgiewongow..The main character is an absolute ass She gets the chance to get off the planet and her literal response is go suck a dick This book tried so hard to be edgy and goth, with skellies and DEAD DEAD DEAD and absolutely failed.

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    SWOON.I need this yesterday Look at that cover

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