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Black Tangled Heart Black Tangled Heart Is A Complete Standalone The Play On Series Are Books Connected By The Theme Of The Arts Industry, Not By Characters, And Can Be Read In Any OrderTo My Siblings, Jane Was A Friend A Pseudo Sister, The Girl We Grew Up WithTo Me She Was EverythingOur Passion Consumed UsWhen Our World Fell Apart, I Thought Our Love Would Be The Thing That Held Us TogetherShe Was The Love Of My Life But She Abandoned Me When I Needed Her MostAnd I Ll Never Forgive HerFor Years I Ve Been Planning My Revenge Against The People Who Took Everything From MeJane Won T Be An Exception I M Coming For HerShe Knows ItShe Says She Wants To Help Me Serve My Version Of Justice On The People Who Hurt MeI Ll Let HerShe Probably Thinks It Will Save Her From MeIt Won T

  • Kindle Edition
  • 374 pages
  • Black Tangled Heart
  • Samantha Young
  • English
  • 17 August 2018

About the Author: Samantha Young

Samantha is a Scottish bookworm whose dream of having a writing career came true Thanks to readers her books have hit the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists and several of her books have been nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards She writes adult contemporary and paranormal romance, YA urban fantasy and YA contemporary fiction Currently published in 28 languages

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    5 STARS A love that consumes, consumes everything unto utter desolation I loved this so hard SO FREAKING HARD I can t even deal right now I need a minute to calm my tits and collect my thoughts here.Ok I ve calmed my tits Maybe I may have fangirling bursts throughout the review Fair warning So deal with it, mkay If you haven t read Young s Play On series yet, you re seriously missing out I ve loved every book so far, but this one was definitely my favorite And if you haven t read the previous books, don t worry, they re all complete standalones There s not even a crossover aside from being set in the same world Different characters, different stories, and all completely unforgettable.The story here, there was just something about it that owned me so completely It was magical, beautiful, and heartbreaking It s told in two parts The first part tells the story of how Jane and Jamie meet as kids and ultimately fall in love The kind of love that s blistering and all consuming The kind of love that can make you or break you, and it was MAGICAL I lived for the two of them together The progression of their characters was one of my favorite parts Seeing Jane grow from a quiet, shy and unassuming child that doesn t want to rock the boat, into a stunning teenager that s just as shy but also isn t afraid to stand up for herself She was this perfect balance of quiet strength that I fell hard and fast for And Jamie Be still my heart The guy was intense even as a teenager.Life doesn t always follow the plans you have, and soon Jamie and Jane fall apart as intensely as they fell in love The second part is a second chance romance that reunites these two as adults and OMG I was so here for it Jamie is no longer the young man that Jane once knew He s colder Harder Angry And full of vengeance, all of which is aimed at her.As the layers of lies and betrayal get pulled back, the reader gets pulled in This story was all encompassing I was completely consumed by their romance and their story I binge read it This was one of those stories that I couldn t bear to put down for even a second I was rabidly reading and never wanted it to end.If you re looking for a gritty second chance romance, look no further This was EVERYTHING ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    Loving me will be nowhere near as easy as it will be for me to love you Black Tangled Heart is the third book in the Play On Series A stand alone full of passion, complex characters, and suspense, Samantha Young delivers a blockbuster hit which kept me on the edge of my seat the entire read Jane Doe is a girl that is no stranger to heartbreak and abandonment When she befriends a family with a loving older sister, a smoking hot teenage boy, and a spunky girl named Lorna, Jane knows she has found her second home Jane is well aware that falling for her best friend s older brother is forbidden territory and yet, the attraction between the two is too strong Jamie knows that Jane is too young for him and that falling in love with her is off limits but when she turns 18, he can finally have her When Jane and Jamie finally connect the passion between the two is explosive However, not everyone is happy that they are together and when some unexpected events tear them apart, it will take everything they have to stay together and survive the fall Promise you ll never leave me again Told in dual POV, Black Tangled Heart is by far my favorite read of 2020 It has been YEARS since I picked up a Samantha Young book and all I can say is, baby I m back The best element of Black Tangled Heart is the numerous twists and turns in the plot Just when you think you have everything figured things out, the variables turn upside down once again I loved the complex character development, the fluid dialogue between the characters, and the raw emotions this story evoked I am not one to enjoy high angst so I am happy to report that Jamie and Jane s love story offered an ample amount of drama paired nicely with action, intrigue, and smoking hot passion who doesn t want to dive into that mix of fun If we don t at least try, then those bastards really did win Overall, Black Tangled Heart will appeal to readers who enjoy a contemporary romance with a splash of taboo, action, and intense passion Similar to one of my favorite classics The Count of Monte Cristo, Samantha Young has crafted an impeccable story that has found it s home on my forever favorites shelf Just to give you an idea of how much I loved it, I have already gone back to re read my favorite moments Be forewarned, like me, you will probably run to and purchase the other PLAY ON books like me I am truly looking forward to Samantha Young goodness to come Bravo For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    Reading this was like entering a time warp, going back to that moment where I first discovered my love of romance, where the storylines felt fresh and unique, and the feels were utterly explosive Black Tangled Heart felt like that, like I was experiencing romance for the very first time and it s was breathtaking, soul stealing, pulse pounding A heady, visceral, electrifying rush I can t even tell you I fell head first into a black hole of ALL things Jamie and Jane and I COULD NOT FIND MY WAY OUT.I DIDN T WANT TO.It was emotional It was physical My heart raced, my chest ached, my tummy was so tight from angst, and my heart was FULLY invested in every moment with these characters.I COULD NOT BREATHE READING.I had so many feelings that at times I felt as if I was going to burst This was an intoxicating experience One I won t soon forget Samantha Young delivers a sweeping love story A gritty, heart wrenching, twisty tale of love and vengeance And there s not ONE thing I didn t love about it This book makes you work for that HEA It puts you through it as we follow Jamie and Jane through their teenage years into adulthood We get to watch them passionately fall in love and then see as life teaches it s brutal lessons It s tumultuous, it s devastating, yet so deep, so special.I swear, as I sit here writing this review, I almost don t know what to say to do it justice It s one of the best books I ve read this year IT HAS SOUL It s a standalone A COMPLETE standalone I have NOT read the other Play On novels And it is one that NEEDS to be put on your TBR.I get asked ALL the time for recommendations, so here s one A BIG ONE You NEED this book It will leave a mark on you It will have you reeling and breathless, exhausted by the end, but so utterly fulfilled It s a MUST READ.I REPEAT THIS IS A MUST READ 5 stars is not enough It s a SIX star read And it s in my TOP 3 this year, sitting proudly beside A King So Cold by Ella Fields and From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout. I ADORED it and I highly recommend it.

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    FOUR STARS ARC Provided by Author I didn t understand what pulled us together I didn t know what made Jane Doe the only woman who satisfied my heart, body, and soul I didn t need to know.BLACK TANGLED HEART is an angst filled, wildly steamy second chance in love with the best friend s older brother , contemporary romance The pace of the plot progression was steady It held my attention throughout There is a secondary character that proves to be a consistent villain, it was easy to predict that she would cause a major rift between the Hero and Heroine Jamie McKenna had the potential to be a super swoon worthy Hero during the first half of the book when he and Jane were teenagers, but tragic life events, deception, and lies turn the once loving and kind hearted boy into a cold, cruel and bitter man His inability to see that Jane was still the same girl he fell in love with all those years ago left me feeling a little disappointed in that character Jane was a very relatable and endearing Heroine She experienced true loss and overcame many adversities She became a woman with a fulfilling career and great friendships, but never forgot the people who were there for her when she was a young girl She remained loyal to them and strived to right the wrongs that were inflicted upon those she loved.Towards the end, certain characters find themselves in precarious situations that ramps up the action and is sure to induce some accelerated heart rates The suspense will have you hanging on by a thread Here are my overall ratings Hero 4Heroine 4.5Plot 4Angst 4Steam 5Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 4.5BLACK TANGLED HEART releases on May 14th

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    IT S FINALLY LIVE In the first part of the book we go back in time.Artist Jane is 13 and writer Jamie is 15 years old.The day Jamie and his two sisters move into the apartment complex in Glendale, California, Jane becomes the new best friend of Jamie s younger sister Lorna Their older sister Skye is an actress she took the teenagers in when their mother died a few months ago.Jane has been living with her current foster family for a couple years now She s happy with them.As the months and years go by, Jane and Jamie become friends and Jane s had a crush on Jamie since day one But Jamie won t date her until she s 18.And he does They are so unbelievably happy together even though they re still so young But then things happen and Jamie and Jane don t see each other again for six years What will happen with Jane Jamie Will there be a Happily Ever After READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT OY I really loved this but also ugh.I don t even know where to start with my review.Maybe with a huge complaint.Sam I really think this book should ve been two books.The first book with the young couple falling in love and then the present.I was so mad at the story while reading The whole first half I kept wondering when the big thing from the blurb was going to happen and what it was going to be And then when it happened it was too late and I was still mad Because it was a handful of stupid things that could ve been prevented by talking about things and doing things differently Ugh I was mad at the people in the book and at Sam I almost stopped reading Several times The blurb is so not what this book is about The revenge thing doesn t even start in the first half of the book So, either the blurb needs to be changed, or better yet the book needs to be turned into two books with a few pages added Like details about his professional life and her art and just .Now about the story Or rather about how I loved it I really did.It was so full of all the feels It was all so sad and heartbreaking and sweet and adorable and sexy and ugh.I loved Jamie and Jane even though they were really stupid with a lot of things.But the story was really so very adorable and exciting and moving and just beautifully written.I really need Netflix to come and do this BLACK TANGLED HEART was a heartbreakingly beautiful emotional Young Adult New Adult Adult love second chance love story Run to your nearest for your own Jamie this one is MINE

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    4.5 Stars ARC provided by author A love that consumes, consumes everything unto utter desolation I feel like I m coming out of my skin You re all I think about You re all I want Jane grew up in the foster system in California She d had no one since she was seven She was an introvert who enjoyed her books and drawing, and tried to make the most of what she had Then she meets two sisters and a brother from Boston who feel like home to her The McKenna s had also experienced a hard start in life, and they become family to her Even the gorgeous, moody teenage brother Jamie who gave her butterflies and eventually made her believe she might have a promising future Jamie McKenna saw his little sister s best friend Jane as a shy annoyance, until he didn t Suddenly he was noticing her in a whole different way He couldn t deny his attraction to her, but it was her kind heart that really hooked him When they were together it just felt right Soon she becomes his everything, and they share a once in a lifetime love When their world falls apart they are left broken and feeling abandoned Jamie is angry and has plans for vengeance This even includes his once precious Jane He is coming for everyone who wronged him, and he d make them regret betraying him He s kept his emotions locked down tight, but just the sight of Jane has him drowning in memories She claims she wants to help him get his justice, but he can t let her close to his heart ever again It s a battle of wills, as each give as good as they get Will this couple get a second chance at love, or will the past destroy the future I wasn t sure I was comfortable with the depth of my feelings for Jane Doe No one did it for me like she did My soul was connected to hers I doubted I could ever find true peace without Jane by my side Black Tangled Heart A Play On novel by Samantha Young is an emotional, heartbreakingly beautiful stand alone second chance romance about loss, survival, friendship and soulmates It goes from past to present and is told from both POV s It s packed with angst, amazing banter, and explosive chemistry, and will keep you on the edge of your seat dying for This couple together was absolutely intoxicating I loved these characters, and this story Jane has a quiet strength and a kind heart, and Jamie is complex, intense, and there are so many layers to this passionate man This is a book that will completely consume you I couldn t put it down NOW AVAILABLE

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    3 1 2 maybe 4 Stars To be honest, I m not fully sure how I feel about this book It felt like two completely different stories, with two completely different heroes and heroines, wrapped into one storyline I guess that was intentional considering the overall plot, but I m not sure I liked such a drastic change from the first half to the second I understand why it happened though I loved the first half of Jamie and Jane s love story It was a definite 5 stars The second half, however, I didn t really enjoy that much I became disappointed in Jamie and his ruthless revenge though I get it and a bit ambivalent toward Jane, which is sad considering how much I loved both of them at the beginning of the book That said, I did love the ending I may raising my rating to 4 or 4 1 2 stars because as much as I didn t enjoy the second half, I m still thinking about it a few days laterand that says something

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    Perhaps our love was all consuming Perhaps it would devour us Jane has been in foster since her adoptive parents passed away This story begins when she is 13 years old She is living with a nice foster couple but she is a bit of a loner She loves to draw and when she is encouraged to go out and be social you will find her with her sketch pad and charcoal, lost in her creativity, alone Sketching made everything else go away The loneliness My fears The separation I felt from almost everyone else Drawing was my way to connect, but from a safe distance It is during one of these quiet moments on the stairs at her apartment building that she meets Lorna, the new neighbour moving in They are the same age and Lorna declares that from now on they will be best friends.Lorna has conditions for their friendship that change to suit her She is quite domineering and at times a bit toxic but Jane is passive and loyal to her from now and for the years of their friendship.Lorna lives with her two older siblings, brother Jamie and sister Skye Skye is their caregiver and is climbing the career ladder as an actor Lorna loves the interaction in their home and she is quickly absorbed into the warmth of the McKenna family Jane quickly develops a crush on Jamie and it grows as the years go by She never tells Lorna because that is one of her friendship conditions Stormy ocean eyes glared at me from beneath a moody brow We stared at each other a moment A moment that felt like forever My skin flushed However, once Jamie catches up with his own feelings he realises that Jane is the girl he wants to be with Thus begins an all consuming, lust filled, love story between these two This coupling has a profound effect on the entire family and when an unthinkable tragedy occurs they are all ripped apart from each other I ve never loved anyone like this It feels too much My heart leapt in my chest I feel it too It was scary Terrifying even Yet it was the most exhilarating ride of my life Ten years later this story picks up again and nothing is the same any They are all in separate places, living separate lives but things are about to overlap and revenge is high on the agenda And OMG, strap yourself in because things are about to get crazyThis was such an addictive read There are two parts to this story, the first part builds up the back story and the anticipation of what was to come in part two Like the love story in this book, this was an all consuming reading experience for me.

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    Readers are in for a thrilling and emotional ride with this one The storyline is engrossing, the characters are complex, and the chemistry is off the charts palpable It s my favorite book by Samantha Young to date.I had no idea what this book was about when I received an ARC I didn t read the description but because it was Samantha Young writing it, I didn t feel the need to check.I stayed up until 2 a.m reading last night and it was SO worth the loss of sleep This story spans from childhood to adulthood and it s done with perfect pacing I love that we get to see Jane and Jamie s relationship evolve over the years It gives readers a real sense of all that they ve lost and all that they need to regain Sam writes some seriously steamy scenes and lots of them Readers will definitely be satisfied in that regard DI highly recommend picking up this book if you want a robust love story with some suspense woven in.

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    3.5 starsBLACK TANGLED HEART was a story of two parts and I love it when a book moves through time frames for the characters The first part of this book gave me Kissing Booth vibes with the two MCs Jane and Jamie The young love and connection between these two was desperate and passionate but also brushed with the sweetness of first love.But this was much than a love story, it was a story of families and their flaws Jane was an unofficial family member of the McKenna siblings but she loved them and was loved by them The side stories of Skye and Lorna were both painful to read.When things went downhill in this story, all the characters were carried with it and life was transformed in a bad way When time jumped it was fascinating to catch up with the new realities I didn t always care for some of the drama, nor was the Hollywood backdrop my favourite but I did like the suspenseful developments of the story.It was difficult to look away from the intensity of Jamie and Jane s connection and that carried this story through for me This was a solid continuation of the Play On series, not my favourite, but I d still love to read in this series.Thank you to the author for an early review copy.This review can be found on A Take From Two Cities.

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