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Life on Loan It S A Surprising Second Act For Two Women Who Decide To Rewrite Their Lives In This Enriching Novel Of Friendship And Starting Over From The Bestselling Author Of Only One Life After Thirty Years, College Friends Lena Browder And Olivia Westcoat Have Met Again By Chance At An Unexpected Crossroads An Airport Lounge In Atlanta Lena Is Running Away From Home And Her Demanding Family Olivia Is Trying To Find Her Way After A Painful Divorce With Their Old Selves In The Rearview, They Toast To A New Beginning And It Starts With A Spontaneous DareAgreeing To Trade Houses For A Month Of Rediscovery, Lena Will Stay In Olivia S Charleston Condo Olivia S Retreat Lena S Isolated River Cottage In The Northern Neck Of Virginia Two Perfect Getaways Thirty Four Days To ResetWith Fresh New Perspectives And The Renewal Of A Heartening Friendship, Lena And Olivia Find Their Passions, Reinvent Themselves, And Reclaim What They Ve Lost When Unexpected Romance Blooms And Careers Take New Detours, It S Also A Time For Courage And Risk Now They Ll Have To Make Hard Choices To Follow Through On Their Promise For A Second Chance And Finally Have The Lives They Dream Of

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    Life on Loan by Ashley Farley is a fabulous and encouraging story about two women who decide to change the direction of their lives Two college friends unexpectedly meet in the Atlanta airport thirty years later and on a whim decide to swap homes for a month Lena Browder has reached her limit with being a doormat for her family She has lost herself over the years and has decided to run away for a month Lena grabs her old camera before she leaves her house in hopes of rekindling her interest in photography.Olivia is running away from her life for a different reason She has upset the pattern and plans for the two Kates and the Scapades she has blogged about for the past few months The competitions and scandals of the women have drained Olivia of all her inspirations and energy She is planning to run away and escape from the resulting drama when her most recent blog post goes live I won t post spoilers but I LOVED this novel which is filled with so much emotion, hope, and strength among the characters who are thriving during a time of transition in their lives I also enjoyed the photography and writing themes.Publication Date October 8, 2019Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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    The minute I seen this on NetGalley I jumped at the chance to read now You often don t get 2nd chances to do anything in this day and age and I knew if you snooze you loose.I couldn t risk this being depleted to other bloggers without being given a chance to read an author I ve admired for her courage, her tenacity, her strength to overcome loss.Saving Ben is one of her works I ve not read but heard plenty of reviews and want to read desperately.In this case Life on Loan is about women, for women, with love to women everywhere.It s about recovery, reclaiming, and rebuilding for anyone who has felt loss in love with divorce or with toxic friends and or family members.It s a story of two women in their prime who are struggling with relationships in different fashions.Lena has a troubled life at home while Olivia her college friend is dealing with the aftermath of divorce.Both need a new restart to life and both find a way to overcome after shaking it up a bit with a retreat of sorts.It turns out they exchange lives and houses for 34 days.Will this be exactly what they needed to find themselves and move forward A great new work from Ashley Farley that never disappoints readers.

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    I received a kindle advanced readers copy from NetGalley which is greatly appreciated Absolutely loved this story from Ashley Farley The book was easy reading the pages just flowed and I lost time in Lena and Olivia s livesAfter reading a book by Ashley Farley I always say to myself that has to be the best oneuntil she writes the next one Ashley s writing actually makes you feel like you are part of the storywatching it from the sidelines unfolding before your eyesAs other readers have said in their reviews, Have you ever just wanted to runaway Change your life for the better knowing that it will be scary and undetermined Trying something new This is what Lena and Olivia are trying to accomplishto find out if they can be on their own Lena and Olivia needed to separate herself from her current life to see what she could doI loved all the characters in the story but Bessie and Phyllis hold a place in my hearttheir characters just added to the story Thank you to NetGalley, Ashley Farley and the publisher for the advanced readers copy Amazing book as always Ashley

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    Life on Loan by Ashley FarleyHave you ever wanted to just leave it all behind Have you ever wanted to recreate yourself and just start over In Ashley Farley s Life on Loan two women get to do just that Start over.After a chance encounter in an airport lounge Lena and Olivia exchange homes for a month and have the opportunity to start fresh Ashley Farley takes them both through many adventures and presents them with new opportunities I have read most every book that Ms Farley has written and will continue to do so with each future story Her style is one that keeps you interested and turning the pages Her characters become friends you wish you had At times I wanted to step into the page and have a discussion with numerous characters.If you have never read a book by Ashely Farley, start today When Life on Loan becomes available READ IT 08.22.19

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    I loved this story and the characters It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone and make changes when life throws you curve balls I really admired these two women for all the struggles they had faced and the desire to run away from a ton of stress, take a big breath, and figure out how to make it all better Almost like a grown up fairy tale for me I could even relate to the 90 year old lady in the book Beautiful settings in Charleston, SC and the Northern Neck of Virginia and characters that will stick with you long after you finish the bok Thanks to Netgalley and the author publisher for the ARC

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    Ashley Farley does it again A masterpiece This novel is fantastic One gets lost in the lives of the two major characters One feels their sadness, their joy, the wonder of their journey and the agony of being invisible The plot is unique Two women who met in college, meet in an airport in Atlanta, and instead of leaving the South for California and Seattle, they swap houses, a vacation home in Virginia for one and a Condo in Charleston for the other The descriptions of both places are filled with the sights and sounds of the area A must read for lovers of Women s Fiction.

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    Have you ever just wanted to run away from your life and start over This is a story about two women, Lena and Olivia who decide to run away Both women redo their lives by going out of their comfort zones to find themselves I got totally lost in the lives of these two women and didn t want to put the book down once I started reading Reading this book made me realize how much women really do for their families How we put everyone else s needs ahead of our own I could definitely relate to Lena and Olivia I loved this book Thank you NetGalley, Ashley Farley and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read this book.

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    I received an ARC from NetGalley to write an honest review The story is about Lena and Olivia and the day their lives got turned upside down and they decided to reclaim their lives They had met in college and met again in an airport the day they decided to run away from home This book just screams, read me because most women at some time wish they could just run away and take a break and realize that at some point of getting to where they are today, they lost who they were along the way Yeap, I have felt that way a few times so it was really nice to read about the women who actually had the courage to run away and find themselves Lena is running away from a demanding family and Olivia is trying to find herself after her husband told her he fell in love with someone else and they got a divorce Like most women, they first look at what they did wrong and what they could have done different or better So they decide to change houses for a month As they start living again and discovering things about themselves, life takes a different turn The book isn t advocating women run away from home and go find themselves, it shines a light on it because a lot of women feel this way The book also shines a light on elder abuse The first day Lena started living at Olivia s house she met Jade, a photographer and Jade offered to teach Lena about photography Lena suspected that Jade was abusing her 90 year old mother but didn t have the courage at the time to do anything about her suspicions She eventually did have the courage to confront Jade and you can read the book to see what happens when she does Lena and Olivia didn t just decide to only think of themselves but they lived the life they now had and included themselves in that life Ashley Farley is shining the light on things that women do, such as we put our families need above our own and wait until the kids leave home, to have a life or we try to do it all and Ashley just wants to remind us to believe in ourself, remember our worthiness, ask ourself are we living our best life and change the message in our head from what we are doing wrong or nor doing good enough to positive thoughts like all the things we are doing right It is too easy to slide back into our old habits so this is a book I will not only be buying for me but it is a book I will be buying and giving to the women in my family and many of my friends because this is a book to remind women that we need to take care of us, we aren t alone and as we live our life, we do for ourself what we will do for others My kids have grown and now have families of their own so I had started to do things for me again and have been discovering things about myself and who I am today My husband is enjoying the life we have now because I am confident, believe in me and love who I am As I read the book I started looking at the younger women and I see they are doing the same things I did, doing for their families, community, career and less and less for themselves and I am hoping that once they read this book they will figure out that they can make time for themselves and do the things they enjoy now and don t have to wait They have been given permission to include themselves in the life they have I for one never thought I had permission to do that, I had followed what I had learned Thank you, Ashley, for shining the light and writing this book.

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    I was pleasantly surprised one day while scrolling through Facebook to find Geneva Agnos post from Georgia s Porch telling that Ashley Farley s new book was on NetGalley for read and review Instantly I signed in to download it knowing that I was in for a treat as I have read and loved all but two of Ashley s books And this one was no exception I hope to read the other two shortly Life On Loan was a fast read for me If I didn t have other obligations I could of read it in one sitting because it really held my interest Some of the things I liked about this book was that the two main characters, Lena and Olivia, were both around my age What really grabbed me was that I could honestly relate to what both of them were going through Each for different reasons The fact that Lena had sort of lost her way, being an empty nester and losing the closeness and connection with her husband really hit home for me She had lost her sense of who she was and what her purpose was any She needed to find what truly made her happy and learn to live for herself She s the one I could mostly relate to Olivia, after living so long being blindsighted by her husband and his sexuality, was a little afraid at first to commit herself again to another man I loved all the characters involved, except Jade of course, and enjoyed reading about the differences in the three locations told about in the story I could really picture myself relaxing in the Northern Neck at one of those houses on Carters Creek It s a great story for women, showing us that it s never too late to remake, restart and reboot your life It s only you that s holding you back I d like to thank NetGalley, Geneva Agnos and author Ashley Farley for the pleasure and opportunity to read and review an early copy of Life On Loan As always, great job Ashley

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    Have you ever had a day that you just wanted to walk out of your life and start over Be honest now, you know you have I sure have In this fantastic new book by Ashley Farley, that s just what happens two women walk out on their lives, away from their problems without plans of exactly what they need to do to make changes Luckily, they recognized each other at the airport they had been college friends who lost touch over the years After telling each other what they were escaping from, they decided to exchange houses for a month so that they could re discover themselves Lena has walked out on her husband and daughter and goes to Charleston to stay in her friend s condo Olivia wants to get away from memories of her divorce and from some toxic friends and she goes to Lena s river cottage in in the Northern Neck of Virginia Will this change in locations help each woman or do your problems stay the same no matter where you live I loved reading about both of these women It took a lot of courage for them to walk out on their lives but they have to work hard to convince themselves that they are strong They both question if they did the right thing and it takes time for each of them to realize how strong they really are For me, it was an extra bonus that both of these characters were in their 50s It s great to read books with older characters If you want a book that will take you away from your life without really leaving , this is the book for you

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