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Very Special Snowflake Reading Very Special Snowflake Author Don Hoffman A Humorous Winter Story About A Puppy That Isn T Lost And The Community That Comes Together To Find Her On A Snowy Winter Day, Jeff And Veronica Take Their New Puppy Out For A Game Of Catch But Snowflake Soon Disappears Her White Fur Blends Right Into A Mound Of Snow The Baker, The Policewoman, The Mail Carrier, And Other Neighbors Try To Help, While Snowflake Plays A Game Of Hide And Seek With The Reader Children Can Search For Snowflake In Each Delightful Illustration

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    I thought this book was adorable It has very good pictures that have a texturized look to them that shows how fuzzy the puppy is and how cold the characters are I really liked the play on words this book offers as the children try to search for their puppy named Snowflake I found myself actually feeling sorry for the children as they search for their dog and no one helping them It really grabs the reader I would recommend this book others, especially if they are animal lovers I would u...

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    a samoyed puppy named Snowflake runs away in a snowstorm w his owners trying to get people in town to understand they re looking for Snowflake, not a snowflake the reader gets to find Snowflake in each pictur...

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    This book teaches children about special people or pets They lose but find their special puppy They play in the snow and they see and meet people around their neighborhood Learning Extension The children can tell their story of when they lost a pet or if they have ever seen snow.have them describ...

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    Another great book that children can relate to I would keep this book in my classroom library and it would be a good book to use as a read aloud during the winter season because it is easy for students to relate to The book would al...

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    A fun little book about a dog named Snowflake who has a knack for hiding in the snow When her owners go looking for her they ask all their neighbors but no one seems to understand that it s a dog they re looking for Hidden in each of the illustrations is th...

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    Cute book to read during the season of winter This picture book would be great for a kindergarten class This book could also build the comprehension skill of imagery by having the students close their eyes and thinking about what the pictures look like before actually seeing the pictures.

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    This is a book perfect for a wintry afternoon with a cup of cocoa to go along with it.To read our full review, go to

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    Nice read aloud Cute illustrations also Maybe better for kindergarten level.

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    Good read for the winter season and a great source to teach punctuations.

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