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Reasonable Affliction BOOKS Reasonable Affliction By Sally Ann Berk Federicoscridel.eu This Beautifully Produced Volume Offers An Illustrated And Diverse Collection Of Poems For People In Love To Read To Each Other Reflections On Matters Of The Heart From Shakespeare To Jagger, Raymond Carver And Emily Bronte, From Sappho To E E Cummings, Elizabeth Bishop And Charles Bukowski, And Two Hundred Other Poets Both Classic And Contemporary Poems Are Reprinted In Their Entirety A Delightful Keepsake For Times Of Romance, Longing, Heartbreak, Weddings, Engagements, And Crushes.

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    a good anthology of classic love poems My only complaint is that there are numerous typographical errors and some poems appearthan once seems a better editing job could have been done, but It is still a great resource book.

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    This is a great assortment of poems by great poets Nice

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    What self respecting paramour doesn t own a compendium of love poems This one will do just fine.

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    Because we all need a little romance in our lives.

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