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Flesh Machine; Cyborgs,Designer Babies, Eugenic Conscousness Read Flesh Machine Cyborgs,Designer Babies, Eugenic Conscousness By Critical Art Ensemble Bandcamptomp3.co.uk CAE S Interventions Into The Sacrosanct Territories Of Authority Represent A Provocation Directed At Both The Worn Traditions Of Public Sphere Cultural Politics And A Reckoning With The Accelerating Implications Of Technologies For A Generation Inebriated With Virtualization Tim Druckrey.

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    I found this book in a free box This jawn was written in 1998 Reading it in 2017 was pretty wild, since much of the infrastructure and cultural capitalist developments predicted have most definitely come to pass Various essays discuss methods and techniques that pancapitalism is in the process of employing in order to further consumption, alienation, and production across the masses as it establishes new markets from the microscopic entirety of our surveilled human flesh bodies, behaviors, and worldviews The essays tie capitalist white supremacist nazi eugenics to ongoing trends of normalizing unnecessary medical procedures and interventions, passed off as desireable procedures by empire to ensure a n upper class child s future success One essay in particular discusses the utopian virtual body anonymous of the early web in relation to the data body totally identified surveilled by government, military corporations Specters of empire s social control capabilities via social media abound It s a bit beyond me at the moment to list off what else is discussed, but overall the topics of class, race, and gender as controlled shaped by global pancapitalism come off as VERY contemporary this book discusses them in the contexts of violent heteronormative white western medical science in precise ways that I appreciated and heavily underlined It should be sai...

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