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Poland Alone Ebook Poland Alone By Jonathan Walker Nature Explore.eu Poland Was The Tripwire That Brought Britain Into World War II, But It Was Largely The Fear Of The New Nazi Soviet Pact Rather Than The Cementing Of An Old Relationship That Created The Formal Alliance But Neither Britain, Nor Poland S Older Ally, France, Had The Material Means To Prevent Poland Being Overrun In 1939 The Broadcast, Poland Is No Longer Alone Had A Distinctly Hollow Ring During The Next Four Years The Polish Government In Exile And Armed Forces Made A Significant Contribution To The Allied War Effort In Return The Polish Home Army Received A Paltry 600 Tons Of Supplies Poland Alone Focuses On The Bloody Warsaw Uprising Of 1944, When The Polish Resistance Attempted To Gain Control Of Their City From The German Army They Expected Help From The Allies But Received None, And They Were Left Helpless As The Russians Moved In The War Ended With Over Five Million Poles Dead, Three Million Of Whom Died In The Concentration Camps Jonathan Walker Examines Whether Britain Could Have Done To Save The Polish People In Their Crisis Year Of 1944, Dealing With Many Different Aspects Such As The Actions Of The RAF And SOE, The Role Of Polish Couriers, The Failure Of British Intelligence And The Culpability Of The British Press.

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    This is a captivating account of the betrayal of Poland I read this book in part because I wanted to better understand Christina Granville s experience in the SOE In the account of her life as a resistance fighter, I was puzzled by the Allies standing by while Warsaw burned This book makes it clear that letting Poland go down the tubes was the intention of the Allies all along Poland Alone is a must read for anyone interested in WWII Jonathan Walker gives a reasoned, in depth view of the failure of the Allies to effectively come to Poland s aid, and covers the complex issues that partly explain their shortcomings The naivety of Churchill and FDR in terms of Stalin is hard to witness, but then I m reminded that Hitler and Stalin fooled much of the world for awhile It makes you wonder what masks and spin we are being fooled by now, how clear sighted our leaders are, and what hidde...

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    One of that books on history of Poland every foreigner should read Author showed Poland standing practically alone in fight against Germany and Soviet Russia I don t underestimate British help in taking in Polish soldiers and giving them a place to stay But comparing efforts Poles were fighting ...

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    An enlightening and honest look at WW2 from the Polish perspective Quite a different story to that I was taught at school There are a lot of names and dates, but this is still a relatively engaging read There are photographs which augment its presentation very well.Same as other books in t...

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