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21 Tests of Effective Leadership Does God Only Listen To Those Who Are On Bended Knees With Hands Folded, Heads Bowed, And In Reverently Silent Communication With Him From Many Years Of Experiencing Answered Prayer, Author And Pastor D Qwynn Gross Offers Insights To The Most Effective Way To Pray Based On The Prayer That Jesus Taught His Followers, The Teaching In This Book Reveals Personal And Practical Patterns Needed To Pray With Insight, Intention, And Expectation As You Present Yourself Before Almighty God This The Way You Should Pray Father In Heaven, May Your Name Always Be Kept Holy May Your Kingdom Come However, If You Do Not Forgive People, Then Your Father Will Not Forgive The Wrong Things Which You Have Done Matthew 6 9 14 PEB Reciting The Lords Prayer Doesnt Yield The Meaning Needed For Application In Real Life Problems, Nor Does It Offer Real Communion With God Narration Of The Prayer Only Proves Memory Is Strongunderstanding The Prayer Enables Results Through Gods Word And Personal Testimony, You Will Discover How Praying Is An Experience Youll Not Just Cultivate, But Youll Appreciate And Truly Enjoy This Book Will Change Your Prayer Life And Transform Your Future.

10 thoughts on “21 Tests of Effective Leadership

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    Descriptions of 21 things Christian leaders need to be aware of or tested in Some examples were very helpful Some were trite.

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    4 or 5 valuable chapters out of 21.

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