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Shannon: A Chinatown Adventure, San Francisco, 1880 In 1880, Shannon O Brien And Her Family Have Just Come To San Francisco From Ireland On An Errand, Shannon Meets Mi Ling, A Mysterious, Frightened Chinese Girl Who Is She And What Is She Afraid Of The Answer Sends Shannon On A Mad Dash Up The Hills, On The Trolley Cars, And Through The Neighborhoods Of San Francisco.

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    Cute and very obvious copycat series to American Girl books Found this for free so read it with my daughter Wouldn t mind reading of them with her since they are so similar in style to the classic American Girl stories.

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    This was a very quick read off my historical fiction shelf It was one that one of my daughters had It is out of the Girlhhood Journeys collection It was fun to read especially after just moving from the San Francisco Bay Area A bit of history every 2nd or 3rd grade girl should read.

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    This book was a little far fetched but a lot happened in a short amount of pages so I m sure it would hold the attention of young readers.

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    I love that this series discusses kidnapping, slavery and child labor I always wanted to finish it as a child, I hope it lives up to my expectations

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