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Stumbling on Wins in Basketball This Is The EBook Version Of The Printed Book If The Print Book Includes A CD ROM, This Content Is Not Included Within The EBook Version.This Element Is An Excerpt From Stumbling On Wins Two Economists Expose The Pitfalls On The Road To Victory In Professional Sports 9780132357784 By David J Berri And Martin B Schmidt Available In Print And Digital Formats.In Basketball, Spending Explains Less Than 10% Of The Variation In Wins Discover What Explains The Other 90%In Basketball, Success Takes Than Money From 1997 98 To 2003 04, The Knicks Finished Either First Or Second In Payroll And Won Only Six Games Than They Lost Their Averageness Led Them To Hire Isiah Thomas Few People Knew About Basketball Thomas S Path To Disaster Began With His First Move Sending Several Players And Draft Picks To The Suns For Players, Including Stephon Marbury.

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    If you are kind of interested in sports, but interested in economics and explanations of how the world works this is a good book.

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    Interesting look at the sports world through the eyes of an economist.

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