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Citizenship and Immigration Ebook Citizenship And Immigration By Christian Joppke Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk This Incisive Book Provides A Succinct Overview Of The New Academic Field Of Citizenship And Immigration, As Well As Presenting A Fresh And Original Argument About Changing Citizenship In Our Contemporary Human Rights Era Instead Of Being Nationally Resilient Or In Postnational Decline, Citizenship In Western States Has Continued To Evolve, Converging On A Liberal Model Of Inclusive Citizenship With Diminished Rights Implications And Increasingly Universalistic Identities This Convergence Is Demonstrated Through A Sustained Comparison Of Developments In North America, Western Europe And Australia Topics Covered In The Book Include Recent Trends In Nationality Laws What Ethnic Diversity Does To The Welfare State The Decline Of Multiculturalism Accompanied By The Continuing Rise Of Antidiscrimination Policies And The New State Campaigns To Upgrade Citizenship In The Post 2001 Period Sophisticated And Informative, And Written In A Lively And Accessible Style, This Book Will Appeal To Upper Level Students And Scholars In Sociology, Political Science, And Immigration And Citizenship Studies.

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    Insightful, though it mainly focuses on European immigration policy Consequently, I was a bit confused as to why he decided to use a photograph of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty for his cover

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    Joppke s analysis thus far is clear, insightful, repentant of past judgments that have been overturned by recent events, and most importantly captures contemporary transformations in the practice of citizenship.

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    The lack of footnotes gave me a big fat headache.

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