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Managing Across Cultures: The 7 Keys to Doing Business with a Global Mindset Whether You Run A Giant Corporation Or Workin A Small Business, It S Than Likely That You Regularly Deal With People Of Different Cultures From Customers And Suppliers To Sales People And Colleagues It Simply Can T Be Overstated You Will Have Trouble Succeeding In Business Today If You Don T Appreciate And Know How To Actively Manage Global Cultural Diversity Managing Across Cultures Examines Why People Around The World Behave As They Do And Provides Actionable Tactics For Succeeding In Today S Global Business Environment Experts In The Field Of Cross Cultural Training, Michael Schell And Charlene Solomon Describe Seven Readily Recognizable Behaviors And Explain What They Mean, How To Interpret Them, And Most Importantly, How To Respond To Them Managing Across Cultures Is Filled With Case Studies Illustrating The Importance Of Understanding And Dealing With Cultural Differences In All Aspects Of Business You Ll Learn How Intel S Powerful Global Corporate Culture Is A Critical Element Of Its Historic Success Colgate Palmolive Integrates Cultural Understanding Into Its Global Marketing Programs GE Adapts Its Effective Management Style To Local Business Cultures You Ll Also Find Out How Underestimating Cultural Influence Caused Serious Problems For Organizations Like Daimler, Chrysler And Wal Mart Managing Across Cultures Takes You Far Beyond Other Books That Simply Catalogue The Customs, Gestures, And Language Vagaries Of Other Cultures This In Depth, Strategic Guide Will Help In Every Facet Of Business From Hiring And Motivating Employees To Developing Winning Sales Pitches And Marketing Campaigns.

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    This book is relevant to all readers than one might think, but it has as its major downfall the fact that it is largely an update of a previous book, and it excludes 98% of the African continent only Egypt is represented, not even South Africa And yet Africa is a part of so many major companies due to the growth potential and population of 1 b people 2nd most populous continent to Asia Hence my rating of 3 I did find the 7 cultural dimensions useful also known as the CW Model through they are not new heirarchy, group focus, relationships, communication styles, time orientation, change tolerance, motivation work life balance Practical models do indeed help in addressing challenges tables after each dimension guide you on how to cross cultures The chapter on women in culture was interesting, with some case studies of working effectively with the cultural differences while in countries that do not recognise women as equal in stature to men Although I did not use the online ...

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    The book starts with excellent theoretical background and with a interdisciplinary view of multiculturalism but limits its scope to the definition that multiculturalism is only related to people with different nationalities There is a blind side of the individual with different cultures and the concept here was not fully explored and instead, narrow oriented Plus, it takes a subject very current and relevant nowadays and transforms it into a formula, putting into categories, ranges and number that helps the fundaments of exposing certain treats but that does not mean it proposes or suggests a different approach on administrative...

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    Having worked quite significantly with businesses in 7 countries over the last 10 years, I was surprised to find explanations for almost all of my frustrations and what I saw as shortcomings explained in this book When I first picked it up, I thought it was going to be similar to The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman which I did not enjoy I was pleasantly surprised as I found myself having ah hah moments from the very beginning The book has some great insights, even though I did find that techni...

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    Managing Across Cultures subtitle promises The Seven Keys to Doing Business with a Global Mindset These seven keys turn out to basically be a tweaked presentation of Hofstede s cultural dimensions The other elements of the book are similar adaptations of other fairly prominent ideas At first, I found it disappo...

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    This book provides a fairly basic understanding of the challenges of working in cross cultural settings It was easy to read and gave real life examples of how to apply the management concepts discussed throughout the book, sharing stories of actual companies that had either succe...

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    The topics discussed in this book are valuable for anyone interested in having a better global mindset either in business or in personal interactions I liked the book, but I m not sure an entire book was necessary to convey the items add...

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    I am very glad to have this book among my reference materials, as it will be easy to find information that I need in the future The charts and diagrams make the concepts simple to navigate I now have a better understanding of my own culture profile, and the book s anecdotal style mad...

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    I wish I would have read this book prior to my first expat in England I would have made less mistakes.A great practical guide on how to lead when living in a different culture Should be required reading for someone about to move internationally or who has a global team.

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    Good thoughts for learning about culture.

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    its fantastic, i like it so much.

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