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Ideas Behind the Chess Openings In The Opening, Each Player Tries To Control The Center, Set Up A Flexible Pawn Structure, Develop The Pieces Rapidly And Harmoniously, Sometimes Even Go For Direct Attack But There Are So Many Complicated Variations How Can You Memorize Them All You Can T And You Don T Have To If You Understand The Basic Goals Of The Opening You Re Playing, You Will Know Which Moves Fit Logically Into Its Overall Scheme This Classic, Best Selling Volume, Now Completely Reset In Modern Algebraic Notation, Explains Everything You Need To Know To Play The Opening Sensibly And Successfully.Reuben Fine, An International Grandmaster, Is One Of The World S Top Players And A Leading Theoretician Of Chess He Is The Author Of Over Half A Dozen Books, Including The Definitive Basic Chess Endings.

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    Read 50% Focused on the sound openings, especially the ones I play or encounter Skimmed passed the others I got limited insight into how to follow up certain openings and a few specific tricks, but not muchthan that Occasional use of colourful language helped to liven up this inherently dry topic.

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    A good one volume short intro to the wide world of chess openings Rueben Fine does a great job of putting the most vital info into a pocket sized book This is a classic book in the chess lexicon I have the old second edition in the Descriptive Notation and one of the newe...

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    This is a classic for a reason Fine gives great insight into the openings, giving the beginner and intermediate player, the knowledge needed to understand the opening of their choice A bit dated, but overall still relevant.

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    I imagine I d have liked it better if I was any good at chess I guess I can add that to the list of things I thought I was good at as a kid Like skiing and skipping class I enjoyed the author s namethan anything You can start calling me that if you want Reuben Fine, indeed.

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    Fine can be a little dogmatic in his advice, and some of the book is now dated, but this is still one of the best books for understanding what openings are all about not just memorizing variations.

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