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Songs Of The Cat Garrison Keillor Joins German Opera Superstar Frederica Von Stade And Noted Conductor Philip Brunelle For This Studio Recording These Sixteen Songs In Praise Of Felines Include My Grandmother S Cat, The In And Out Song, Cat O Cat Come Home As Well As Tunes From The Cat Loving Classical Composers An Enchanting Recording On A Very Popular Subject Tracks The Cat Came Back The Hallelujah Patrol The Mystery The Cats Of Cash Dance To My Cats Eine Kleine Kat In Memory Of Our Cat, Ralph Alaska Cats Beethoven Chased By Rossini Near Death Or, The Search Rewarded Oy, Chuck And Katie Forty Miles The Rescue Cat My Grandmother S Cat As I Walked Out Cats May Safely Sleep Guilt And Shame Out In The Catskill Mountains Cat, You Better Come Home The In And Out Song.

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    Garrison Keillor shows his sense of humor and his musical talent in this brilliant collection Frederica Von Stade shines, as always, and the writing is gold This collection lacks any Lake Wobegon characters, but that might not be a bad thing since the wall to wall music helps keep the tone consiste...

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    One of the most amusing CDs I ve ever owned We enjoyed many car trips with this playing in the background Thanks for this, GK.

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