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Introduction to Computer Music A Must Have Introduction That Bridges The Gap Between Music And Computing The Rise In Number Of Composer Programmers Has Given Cause For An Essential Resource That Addresses The Gap Between Music And Computing And Looks At The Many Different Software Packages That Deal With Music Technology This Up To Date Book Fulfills That Demand And Deals With Both The Practical Use Of Technology In Music As Well As The Principles Behind The Discipline Aimed At Musicians Exploring Computers And Technologists Engaged With Music, This Unique Guide Merges The Two Worlds So That Both Musicians And Computer Scientists Can Benefit.Defines Computer Music And Offers A Solid Introduction To Representing Music On A Computer Examines Computer Music Software, The Musical Instrument Digital Interface, Virtual Studios, File Formats, And Shares Recording Tips And Tricks As Well As Exercises At The End Of Each Section To Enhance Your Learning Experience Reviews Sound Analysis, Processing, Synthesis, Networks, Composition, And Modeling Assuming Little To No Prior Experience In Computer Programming, This Engaging Book Is An Ideal Starting Point For Discovering The Beauty That Can Be Created When Technology And Music Unite.

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    I m reviewing this book 5 years late I remember the pseudocode being presented was very clear, given that you have basic understanding on programming This book was an eye opener what was currently happening i...

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    I copy edited this book for the publisher, editing the TeX source directly and rebuilding it repeatedly to check the correctness of my changes I liaised with the author to resolve editorial queries and returned the text ready for final layout adjustments by the typesetter.

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