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Meat Puppet Cabaret Meat Puppet Cabaret Is A Dark Fantasy Novel That Restores The Perverse Sex, Bad Drugs And Violent Rock N Roll To Contemporary Folklore It Starts From A Weird Idea What If Jack The Ripper Were A Demon Summoned By The Black Magician John Dee To Steal Princess Diana S Baby Allegra From The Scene Of The Car Crash In Paris What If Allegra Were Hidden In A Children S Home In East London, But Then 14 Years Later Escaped The Novel Follows Allegra S Adventures As She Quests To Discover Her True Identity In A Nightmare Alternate England She Encounters King Charles In Orbital Exile, Stalinist Bioplasma Engineer Natasha Supanova, The Conspiratorial Osiris Club, Drug Alchemist Eddie Boy Krishna, Ex DJ And Reality TV Showman Mark 23 And Gangland Queens The Karma Twins Along The Way Before Finally Confronting John Dee In His Hideout Beneath Parliament Hill On Hampstead Heath This Is A Novel That Takes The Legacy Of H P Lovecraft And Updates It For A Mediamatic Technopagan World.

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    Steve Beard s new novel Meat Pupper Cabaret is genre listed as science fiction on the back but it is so muchthan that What Beard s done is take a lot of conspiracy theory and London mythology and put it through the blender of imaginative fiction The result is the best new novel I ve read in ages Beard uses the ground work laid down by other writers as a spring board to bounce completely out of orbit Meat Puppet Cabaret is in certain ways a remix but through all its appropriations Steve Beard s new novel Meat Pupper Cabaret i...

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    This book was just weird And, ya know, that s okay The constant interference of film script or dramatic script, or whatever that was, was annoying But I think the point of this book was to be annoying, so I guess it fits.I don t know if Meat Puppet quite reaches satire There is a difference between s...

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    not sure what to think great ideas a little pretentious maybe however, i think that a book which strays so far from conventional narrative, it should haveexciting language.

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