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LImmortel Alphonse Daudet 1840 1897 , Ne A Nimes Gard , Est Un Ecrivain Et Auteur Dramatique Francais Daudet Se Consacra A L Ecriture, Non Seulement Comme Chroniqueur Au Journal Le Figaro Mais Aussi Comme Romancier Puis, Apres Avoir Fait Un Voyage En Provence, Alphonse Commenca A Ecrire Les Premiers Textes Qui Feront Partie Des Lettres De Mon Moulin 1869 Il Connut Son Premier Succes En 1862 1865, Avec La Derniere Idole, Piece Montee A L Odeon Et Ecrite En Collaboration Avec Ernest Manuel Pseudonyme D Ernest Lepine Puis, Il Obtint, Par Le Directeur Du Journal L Evenement, L Autorisation De Les Publier Comme Feuilleton Pendant Tout L Ete De L Annee 1866, Sous Le Titre De Chroniques Provencales Le Premier Vrai Roman D Alphonse Daudet Fut Le Petit Chose Ecrit En 1868 C Est En 1874 Qu Alphonse Decida D Ecrire Des Romans De Moeurs Comme Fromont Jeune Et Risler Aine Mais Aussi Jack 1876 Et Le Nabab 1877 Pendant Ces Travaux De Romancier Et De Dramaturge, Il N Oublia Pas Pour Autant Son Travail De Conteur Il Ecrivit En 1872 Tartarin De Tarascon, Qui Fut Son Personnage Mythique.

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    Alphonse Daudet s One of the Forty a.k.a The Immortal is a brilliant satire on the Acad mie Francaise and its forty members It is a strangely Balzacian novel, to the extent that I almost feel as if the Good Dr Bianchon or that rapscallion Vautrin were hanging about the sidelines It is the tale of a family of Acad mie members, beginning with the aged R hu, most famous with recalling past events with a cynical, That s another of the things that I have seen His son, Leonard Astier R hu, who has gotten into the august organization by his wife s skirts, is a historian with a huge collection of manuscripts written by such figures as Galileo, Richelieu, and others upon which he bases his august but largely unread historical works He has purchased all his manuscripts from a little hunchback named Albin Fage Doesn t that already make you suspicious His son Paul, an architect, desperately wants to marry a title Thrown over by one widow, the Princesse Colette de Rosen, he winds up with another widow twenty five years his senior, the Duchess Maria Antonia Padovani, a Corsican The Astier R ...

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    Being my first Daudet work, I was hesitant to read this novel at first It was a good decision that I did, however, because it turned out to be a great read The Immortal is the story of a family that does what it must to survive in a society that thrives on hypocrisy, deceit, and empty promises Daudet wrote with an engaging, but sharp, wit Through his sense of irony and dark humor, he weaves a story of a plotting wife, an obsessed husband, and a scheming son who have no real affection for one another save for what each can do and give the others t...

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    this is the first book I read by Daudet I love it Everything is so vivid and alive in this book.

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