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A Dictionary of Latin Words and Phrases (Dictionary) A Dictionary Of Latin Words And Phrases Is A Handy Reference For All Kinds Of Writing, As Well As An Absorbing Collection Of Phrases, Mottoes, Proverbs, And Sayings From The Memorable Annus Horribilis To The Historic Sic Semper Tyrannis, This New Dictionary Offers A Fresh Look At A Language Which Has Retained Its Influence And Color Along With Clear Translations And Pronunciation Guidance, Sources From Literature And History Are Annotated With Fascinating Descriptions And Explanations That Place The Phrases In Context Familiar And Amusing Proverbs Are Included And Easily Found In A Separate Listing And An A Z Listing Of All Latin Authors Cited Includes Outlines Of Their Lives And Works.

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    Latin phrase books generally fall into two categories those that offer an English translation of the phrase, motto, maxim, proverb or saying and nothing else , and those that translate the phrase and provide additional information on the historical origin of the phrase This book falls into the latter category While some phrases are simply translated, the author gives much interesting and useful information concerning others.Also included 1 index of principal Latin authors, their dates and works 2 general index of topic areas e.g., ambition, animals, art, beauty, beginnings which is helpful in searching for a quotation connected with some sphere of human activity 3 index on Christianity and the church agnus dei, corpus Christi, nunc dimittis, urbi et orbi...

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    A Dictionary of Latin Words and Phrases is a reference useful for both reading and writing It contains both a thematic index and an index of proverbs that and additional notes by the author enhance the value of this dictionary I keep it by my desk for handy access.

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    This was not the book I was looking for, it is a small compilation of Latin Phrases NOT a dictionary I was looking for a comprehensive dictionary.

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